Delimiter is giving away a new Apple iPad


Hey everyone,

our last giveaway, a Kindle Fire, went really well, and quite a few readers told me they would like to see more giveaways, so we’ve decided to give away another tablet — and this time it’s one of Apple’s new iPads! We’re getting one into the office to do an Australian review of it anyway, so in a few weeks it’ll be ready to give away to a lucky Delimiter reader.

To enter the draw to win the brand new iPad (16GB black Wi-Fi model), all you have to do is sign up to Delimiter’s daily email newsletter sometime before the end of April this year. It’s not a bad deal — our daily newsletter contains all of our articles every weekday, delivered for free to your inbox. We also plan to eventually send occasional separate emails from our sponsors to this list, but we haven’t actually done so yet. Sign up here:

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In the first week of May we’ll draw the winner’s name out of a hat, contact them via by email to get their address, and mail them their brand-spanking new Apple iPad (Terms and conditions here). And if you don’t like the newsletter, after April, just unsubscribe — no worries! Happy reading ;)


  1. Hey, signup link goes to old mailchimp info
    ‘Before we send you a link to your free eBook, we need to confirm your email address so we know you’re you ;)’


  2. and followup email states
    ‘Just one more step to receive your free eBook, The best Australian iPhone apps under $5! Just hit ‘Yes, subscribe me to this list’ and we’ll send you the link :)’


    (delete these posts if applicable)

  3. and then
    ‘Your subscription to our list has been confirmed! Click here to download your copy of our eBook, The best Australian iPhone apps under $5.’


      • Hmm. Technically no (I need to stick to the T&Cs — but if you unsubscribe then re-subscribe, you’d be included :)

        That’s not an invitation for everyone to do that — I’ll grant leniency for people who signed up a day or so ago … but if you’ve been a subscriber for a while it won’t count ;)

        • I guess I can get my very bestest friend Big Ears to sign up. The email address looks similar, we just happen to have the same first and surname. Since it’s a different mail service he is obviously not me :)

  4. Why can’t you just have a page to direct enter the competition, without subscribing? I read delimiter via RSS… or we submit an email to the competiton, or you cna do what Lifehacker does, enter people who submit a comment into the competition…

    • My apologies — part of the point of the competition is to incentivise people to sign up to the email list ;) However I am planning some follow-up comps which are more directed at existing subscribers ;)

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