Vodafone includes voice in Galaxy Tab pricing


National mobile carrier Vodafone this afternoon released pricing details for Samsung’s hyped Galaxy Tab Android tablet, noting the device would go on sale online and in stores from tomorrow, Friday 12 November, and including a voice calling option.

The company will offer a customers a range of both prepaid and post-paid options for buying the tablet — which global gadget blog Engadget has labelled “the first true competitor to Apple’s iPad”, however it will not sell the tablet through its ‘3’ brand — only through Vodafone.

Vodafone will offer the Galaxy Tab on four 24-month contract plans, with data pricing ranging from $15 per month up to $49 and quotas ranging from 1.5GB to 16GB. Customers will also need to pay either a $30 monthly charge (in the case of the base $15 plan) or a $26 monthly charge on top — to pay for the device itself.

The telco will also offer what it calls ‘month to month’ deals — with the same range of data prices but smaller data quotas (from 1.5GB to 10GB). With these plans, customers will need to buy the tablet outright for an upfront cost of $999.

The Galaxy Tab can also function as a mobile phone and place voice calls, so Vodafone has included a third range of plans for the device taking into account customers’ voice needs. The plans start from $29 per month and range up to $99, with the Tab itself being included in the cost for the upper two voice plans. Each voice plan also comes with a data quota — ranging from 1.2GB to 4GB.

Vodafone’s statement appeared to confirm that the Galaxy Tabs it sells will be locked to its network — with an unspecified unlocking fee applying.

So far Optus is the only other carrier to have released plans for the Galaxy Tab, with Telstra not having yet come to the party — although Australia’s largest telco is planning to sell the device, alongside its self-branded T-Touch Tab tablet. However, Optus did not release dedicated voice plans, or month to month plans with an outright device purchase, as Vodafone did.

“The Samsung Galaxy Tab can be used as both a smart-phone and a tablet computer, reinforcing Australia‚Äôs desire for mobile internet on the go,” said Ross Parker, general manager of devices and pricing at Vodafone, in the telco’s statement.

“Vodafone customers can make the most of the features of the Galaxy Tab, utilising the customisation of the Android platform and the pre-loaded apps, with our range of both voice and mobile broadband plans available,” he added. “The Galaxy Tab is a welcome addition to the already stellar line up of Android devices.”

Image credits: Samsung, Vodafone


  1. I tried to pick one up in Parramatta. It was a debarcle. VHA had the devices but no plan details, Optus had details but no devices until monday. Hopefully Renai will print the whole sorid details, I sent them to him to ignore….

  2. where did this voice pricing come from? it is not listed on their website and a phone call to them said the only option was the plan + outright purchase of the Tab.

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