Telstra unveils Android tablet


Australia’s biggest telco Telstra has flagged plans to launch its own Android-based handheld tablet device into the midst of a market which is about to explode with options from Apple, Samsung, Dell and more.

The company has posted a page on its website where customers can register to receive information what it’s calling the “T-Touch Tab”, with a photo of the device which appears to show a tablet of a similar size with Dell’s Streak, which has already launched with Optus. The date it’s due? “November”.

In addition, a Telstra executive at a devices briefing this morning told journalists further information on the tablet would be available over the next few weeks.

According to Telstra’s site, the T-Touch Tab will only be available on Telstra’s Next G network — similar to its existing range of ‘T’ self-branded devices such as the T-Box internet video platform and the T-Hub telephony system. Telstra’s site also includes a prominent “powered by Android technology” badge.

Telstra’s launch will rocket the company squarely into a tablet marketplace in Australia which is shortly to become white hot. Dell launched its Streak tablet just days ago with Optus, while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is slated to launch in November on all major local carriers — including Telstra itself.

In addition, Apple’s iPad is being adopted by early adopter technology consumers and some industry verticals such as the education market, which is broadly trialling the tablet, with some education departments also flagging plans to trial rival, Android-based devices.

Some companies — such as business intelligence firm MicroStrategy — are rolling out the iPad widely internally, seeing the tablet as a replacement for many of the functions of the traditional laptop or desktop PC.

Image credit: Telstra. Additional reporting by Jenna Pitcher.


  1. Wow, I bet it’ll be awesome… :). I predict in 3-4 years that no-one will remember what the T-Touch Tab OR the T-Hub even were.

    • To be honest, I think you’re right. But it will be entertaining seeing how many Foxtel tie-ins Telstra can make to a single tablet platform.

  2. Everyone and their dog are releasing Android tables and somehow still the only choice I have is between cheap chinese knockoff or $1000 Samsung Tab (yes, it will be ~$1000 here)

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