iiNet IPTV available this month


Earlier this week iiNet chief executive Michael Malone (pictured) teased iiNet’s Internet protocol television (IPTV) launch date as “before the end of this month”, with pricing to be revealed at the end of this week.

“The actual product should be available for purchase before the end of the month,” he said of the impending release. “All very exciting!”

Malone did not mention particulars of pricing plans except that the public could expect details within the next couple of days. “We’re hoping to announce pricing by the end of this week,” he said.

iiNet has teamed up with FetchTV, a new wholesale pay TV provider, that has support from an Asian pay TV provider, Astro All Asia Networks. FetchTV had announced in April that iiNet was its first ISP partner with Malone being quoted as saying of the long term partnership, “FetchTV solution is clearly the best” and “We feel very confident in launching this service.”

Malone had previously mentioned his desire of leveling up and further iiNet’s expansion into content provision. “Now broadband is starting to reach the end — saturation of the market,” he says. “But now we’re looking at content becoming a driver.”

Back in a November 2008 iiNet media release, the ISP company had promised IPTV in 2009 and was looking at releasing the service by the end of 2009.

“Our plans to introduce IPTV in 2009 will further cement iiNet as a market leader in product innovation, content collaboration offerings and customer service,” Malone had stated at the time.

Other large ISPs are also getting their fingers into the IPTV cherry. Internode was set to launch its own IPTV service, also partnering with FetchTV, after April this year although Hackett had said it would only launch when Internode and FetchTV were both ready.

And Telstra is pushing strongly into the market with the impending launch of its T-Box set-top box.

Image credit: iiNet


  1. Hopefully that got a good box to back it up. I guess it’s just the same as the FetchTV one. For the right price and content I’d consider this.

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