Video: iiNet’s FetchTV IPTV interface


In this video, iiNet chief technology officer Greg Bader demonstrates the company’s internet television (IPTV) offering, which launched this month in partnership with FetchTV.

The fetchtv set-top box is basically an integrated media centre which includes the ability to watch high and standard definition television through three HD tuners and record shows to the device‚Äôs 1TB hard disk drive. iiNet customers will have the option to rent the box for $29.95 per month (with a once-off $99 setup fee) or purchase it outright for $399 — with the service costing an additional $19.95 per month.

Look out for our full rundown on the fetchtv device and service, to be posted later today.


  1. Why is more expensive to purchase outright over 12 months? Generally it’s cheaper!

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