NBN exceeds one million active users


news NBN Co has announced that it has exceeded its “core” targets for financial year 2016 and said the rollout of the National Broadband Network is “very much on track”.

“In FY2016 we reached significant milestones for our business, achieving 2.9 million premises ready for service and more than one million users on our NBN network,” said NBN CEO Bill Morrow.

In the 12 months up to 30 June, the NBN doubled the number of premises within the footprint of the NBN network and also doubled the number of end users, according to the firm’s figures.

Additionally, with 126% growth in the number of end users on the network, revenue has climbed 157% to $421 million.

Of the 2.9 million premises within the NBN footprint, 70% are in non-metro and regional Australia.

“NBN has met or exceeded every target the Board set for FY2016. This is the ninth consecutive quarter of meeting or exceeding targets,” the CEO said. “As we have confirmed throughout the year, the rollout of the NBN network is very much on track.”

Morrow added that “nearly two thirds” of Australia’s premises are now “in design, in construction or able to order an NBN service”.

“[T]hat is tangible progress,” he said.

According to the NBN statement, during FY 2016, NBN Co brought three new products to market in order to complete its ‘multi-technology mix’ (MTM) blend of technologies aimed to bring about a faster, less costly rollout than with pure fibre: Fibre to the node (FTTN) in September, the Sky Muster satellite service in April and HFC (hybrid fibre coaxial) in June.

“The NBN team has been working together with our delivery partners to rollout the NBN network to more Australians than ever before – today, one in four homes can order an NBN service,” said Morrow.

Saying that the NBN rollout has now developed “considerable momentum”, Morrow added that the NBN network is “one of the most complex projects to complete”.

“[W]e are now underway with the task of doubling our build again in this financial year,” he said.

“My management group and I are confident that the plan, industry partnership and talented team now assembled are able to continue to meet challenges as we head towards our 2020 goals,” the NBN chief concluded.

Image credit: NBN company


  1. Brownfield dropbox charts updated to reflect latest NBNCo weekly progress numbers. Labor’s comparative performance failure undeniable.

    30k per week 4-week average now is ~10 times Quigley’s on departure. FTTN/B demonstrating its advantages (cost and speed to deploy), HFC came online end of FY16 so expect ramp-up to continue. Sustained 40k per week target through to end of year required to meet forecasts (we’ll watch with interest).

    I’m sure all delims would like to express their appreciation at the monumental turn around of such a dysfunctional GBE. Minimising taxpayers losses to tens of billions rather than, well tens of billions more.

  2. Australia and NBN’s mission statement circa 2016

    “Unlike the original NBNCo which strove for a future ready telecommunications network with the associated aggressive timetable – a network which was the envy of the world… in 2016 we “Team Shtraya and NBN™ amble aimlessly towards FRAUDBAND mediocrity, of which the world now laughs at… and we are so completely inept and clueless, that we still can’t even fucking achieve that”…

    There fixed that for you Bill and Dick.

    You’re welcome

  3. Only thing GimpCo has exceeded in is the amount of spin.

    Still the squealing copper fanboy knuckle draggers defend the disastrous clusterfuck.

    Not surprised.

  4. Perfect photo of Morrow btw. Says it all really, he has the look of “fuck, this is a disaster but I NEED to sell it” on his face.

    • That picture looks as if it came from his exploding pipes days. “Oh shit! I’m fucked” comes to my mind. I guess we do have to be thankful that copper line can’t explode.

    • Yes indeed gents… it’s groundhog day, as he’s looking like Mr Nodafail …

      So 2.9m premises ready for service… so is that passed but not connected? Because I have seen a number of nodes in nearby suburbs, but I don’t know of anyone who is actually connected to MTM/FTN/FRAUDBAND and many were supposed to be connected in Jan/Feb of 2016?

      But alas…

      BTW these people (and I) would have (yes puppets) would have… like 100’s of 1000’s of other Aussies, had FTTP 2 years ago had the roll out continued… so how TF is this MTM debacle faster to all Aussies?

      And how many premises ready, are FTTP from previous, considering Fraudband didn’t even start until Sept 2015 or as the brainiac who could have written MTM claimed in his De Lorean… Sept 2016..ROFL…


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