iiNet gives huge quota boost to ADSL2+ plans


news Internet provider iiNet has updated its on-net ADSL2+ plans, giving all options hefty quota increases without additional conditions.

The firm says it refreshed the plans to provide customers with “better value than ever before”, adding that it is in the process of upgrading existing customers to the new quotas.

iiNet’s new ADSL2 on-net plans – which in some cases now offer more than double the old quota – kick off with the lowest-priced unbundled plan that has been boosted from 50GB to 125GB. When bundled with the Home Phone option, the quota goes up to 250GB.

The larger unbundled plan has made a larger leap from 150GB to 500GB. This climbs to a full terabyte (1000GB) if bundled with Home Phone.

iiNet says existing customers will be automatically upgraded to receive more quota without any other changes. The firm describes the deal as “a no-strings-attached quota boost for the same great monthly price”.

Customers will still receive the same plan features as previously, including Call Packs for Home Phone.

Price-wise, the plans start at $39.95 per month for the unbundled 125GB deal, rising to $59.90 and 259GB when the Home Phone box is ticked. The 500GB unbundled deal will set you back $59.90, rising to $79.90 and 1000GB with phone bundled.

Optional call packs include $10 a month for the international call pack, giving calls to landlines in iiNet’s “Top 20” international destinations. For included calls to standard Australian landlines and mobiles, users can tick the $20 Local, National & Mobile Call Pack option.

The news comes as iiNet has also recently updated its National Broadband Network plans. The company recently launched several new National Broadband Network plans, including a plan featuring 1000GB (one terabyte) of download quota and 100Mbps speeds for $99 per month — $10 a month cheaper than its previous terabyte, 100Mbps NBN offering.

The news does not appear to change iiNet’s previous NBN plans, but instead gives customers more options. The company has previously offered several other terabyte NBN plans with 100Mbps speeds, for example, at $109.99 and $119.99 price points, with those plans offering local and “standard” national calls, plus “standard” Australian mobile calls respectively.

The new terabyte option appears to give iiNet customers an option of signing up for a cheaper broadband plan that does not place an emphasis on included telephone calls.

Image credit: CeBIT Australia, Creative Commons


  1. Still milking that faulty crap that barely stays up to even use it. I know HFC is just as faulty but if I pay $88 for 100/2.5 that will go down every few momths for 500gb. Then how can they still get away marketing that faulty crap for $10 less ?

    • Because only a small fraction of the population even has access to HFC or any alternative to ADSL.

  2. Easy for iiNet to offer free bandwidth upgrades because with the awesome speeds they offer on ADSL2+ there is no possible way a customer could consume the data they offer. Here is the email I sent to my team last year informing them of the great offer I had received from iiNet:

    Wow, This is why I have the best ISP in the world.
    So iiNet have very graciously increased my monthly download quota from 600GB to a whopping 1200GB per month!! OMG that is amazing!!!
    At least that was my first thought until I did the maths… On a good day I can get a download speed of around 600Kbps – unless it is between the hours of 4pm and 11pm when I’m lucky to get 4kbps… but it is Christmas, so let’s say I get 600kbps constantly. Therefore to download my whopping 1200GB a month quota (assuming I can actually find enough to download) it would take me only 4473 Hours 55 minutes and 27 seconds!!!
    That means each month it will only take me 186 days to consume my new quota!!!!!

    The result of this insult…I gave up waiting for NBN and suffering poor speeds and moved to Telstra cable where I now enjoy an average of 90+MBps

    • So you’re complaining that ADSL is slower than HFC cable? Well done, genius. As long as your HFC is adequately provisioned then of course it will be faster.

      It’s not up to iiNet or any ISP how fast your ADSL is, that’s up to Telstra. And Telstra have no minimum performance guarantee built into legislation, so they don’t have to provide you with any level of service as long as you have a working phone line.

      So your issue was actually with the copper network, built and maintained by Telstra, but you chose to complain about a company that has no possible way to improve the performance of your service, and then you moved to a completely different technology, provided by Telstra, the very company responsible for your previous poor performance. *golf clap* Up there for rational reasoning.

      • you could up the game of this convo by being civil, you provided an excellent explanation except for the insults

  3. Irrespective of Craig’s move to HFC. The point is most people on Adsl won’t be able to make use of this upgrade for the exact reasoning he provided . And yes it’s telstras “fault” for providing a phone service network which technology tacked internet onto. Government legislation was needed for minimum speeds many years ago ..

  4. Seriously, why not make it unlimited? I have 1Tb allowance. It took me 8 hours yesterday to download the El Capitan installer (6.21GB) If I did the math correctly, I could only download Approx 565Gb in a month, downloading 24/7

  5. Metering and billing the caps costs $$$ money. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to introduce unlimited access? Like rest of the world..

    • Backhaul, transit and international links also cost $$$$$$ money. The more data people use, the more you have to spend on those.

      Most ADSL customers don’t have congestion or sync issues, and someone with an average (as in median) line speed could download 3TB per month. Double that for someone on a short line.

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