iiNet launches $109.99 100Mbps terabyte NBN plans


news National broadband player iiNet has revamped its National Broadband Network plans to match its newly minted ADSL and VDSL broadband plans, with the headline offering seeing customers offered a terabyte of download quota coupled with 100Mbps speeds and local and national telephone calls included, for $109.99 per month.

The company now offers five separate NBN broadband plans.

The base offering gives customers 100GB of on-peak and 100GB of off-peak download quota, but only offers “basic download speeds” of 12Mbps. It costs $59.90 a month. The plan does, however — like all of iiNet’s NBN plans — come with an Internet telephony service, as well as local and “standard national” phone calls included.

For $79.99 a month, customers can get a terabyte of quota and 25Mbps broadband speeds. The next step up, at $89.99 a month, bundled in “standard” Australian mobile calls. The next plan up the ladder offers full 100Mbps broadband speeds for $109.99 per month, with the same terabyte quota, while for $119.99 per month customers can add on “standard” Australian mobile calls.

Customers will have to pay a $79.95 activation fee if they sign up to one of the new plans without a contract, while if they sign up for a two year contract, this fee will be waived, and iiNet will also throw in an included Wi-Fi broadband modem.

The plans come close to mimicking the NBN broadband offerings of iiNet owner TPG, which offers, for example, a plan with unlimited broadband quota and local, national and mobile calls, at full 100Mbps speeds, for $109.99 per month.

The plan revamp comes after iiNet recently revamped its ADSL and VDSL plan structure. The NBN plans are, on average, slightly more expensive than the ADSL and VDSL plans that iiNet offers.

However, not all of iiNet’s sub-brands have yet received the plan changes, and some are looking uncompetitive as a result. For example, iiNet subsidiary Internode also offers a terabyte NBN plan at 100Mbps speeds. However, this will cost customers $124.95 per month. iiNet appears to have largely shut down the Netspace brand it acquired a number of years back.

iiNet subsidiary Westnet, has had its NBN plan structure revamped to precisely mimic iiNet’s NBN plans.

iiNet has offered terabyte NBN plans for some time. The company first launched terabyte plans on the NBN back in August 2010. At the time, the company was strongly targeting early rollout NBN customers in regions such as Tasmania, offering them plans with 500GB on- and off-peak quota for only $99.95, as part of special arrangements at the time.

However, over the past few years the company has largely sold plans focused around lower download limits.

I like what iiNet has done with its new broadband plans. Getting rid of the annoying on- and off-peak quota, focusing on its Internet telephony product (which functions well over the FTTP NBN connections which predominantly reflect the NBN infrastructure so far), and focusing its efforts around two poles — cheap, low-speed plans and high-speed, high-quota 100Mbps plans for those who want them.

If I was an iiNet customer on the NBN, I would go for the $109.99 terabyte, 100Mbps plan. Most of us have enough mobile quota to call whoever we want these days on mobile anyway — landlines are quite old-school, and I don’t know anyone who uses one extensively, unless it’s for office work during the day. The $109.99 plan offers the best of all worlds — high speeds and a high quota that can be used at any time.

I think we’re finally starting to see decent NBN plans out there, as ISPs’ understanding of the platform matures.

Image credit: iiNet


  1. But can that guy with the beard convince anyone to go naked? There’s something suss about him.

  2. My area went RFS today. Unfortunately, I’m after high speed, low quota (around 200GB). For me these plans are terrible. Note, iiNet have also removed the Freezone with these plans.

    I think I’ll be changing providers.

  3. I’m disappointed they seem to have removed the option to go on the 50/20 tier.
    I need more than 5mb upload, but don’t need the extra down/up that 100/40 provides (more that I can’t justify the additional cost). I can’t see myself using any of these new plans.

  4. Obviously this will fail…

    After all, don’t iiNet know that the broadband boffins within government and their expert committees have told us all 25mbps (in fact Mal previously said 12mbps iirc) is enough for anyone, for about the next ten years?

    Even Morrow picked 50mbps out of the hat…


  5. These plans are unaffordable for most Australians and yet the Libs say there is no demand for the higher speeds. How can there be demand when the pricing is prohibitive?

    Saying that most people go for the lower speeds is a fact, but it is really just obfuscation and spin. It’s an elephant, but they feel one of the legs and tell people it’s the trunk of a tree.

  6. NBN…NBN…Oh, that’s the thing where I was supposed to have fiber delivered by the end of 2014 but now the dud version isn’t even scheduled before 2018.

    • JCL,

      “where I was supposed to have fiber delivered by the end of 2014”

      That was a key phrase used a lot about the defunct FTTP rollout, “I was supposed to get it by….., missed targets, causing massive cutbacks to rollouts, in the end even Conroy said it was “too ambitious”.

      “but now the dud version isn’t even scheduled before 2018.”

      You mean the one they are building NOW.

      • Are they building it now “Reality”?

        Faster – for who?

        Sooner – for who?

        Cheaper – for who?

        Their promise of 25mbps for all by 2016 for 29.5 billion has been shown for what it is – an empty promise.

        As for building it now – they’ve had 2 years and FTTN is not up and running yet – it’s still in trial.

        Nice try – the LNP have screwed the pooch on this one.

        • Indeed meck01,

          JCL like myself, would have had FttP by now even when factoring the initial hold-ups. A fact the illogically ideological just aren’t able to grasp or more likely, simply aren’t allowed to admit.

          FttP was behind (before our friend Reality/alain interjects with typical childishness) but not “that” far behind… in comparison to the current MTM (who even had everything in place for them, FttP didn’t as it was from scratch) yet MTM is already years behind…

          As such regardless of another ridiculous cherry-picked comparison to the UK, our FttN based MTM right here in Australia now, is proving to, not only not be faster (was that a double negative) than FttP but in fact considerably slower. Quite the opposite to pre-election promises.

          • Indeed Rizz, all this patchwork plan construction we keep hearing about but we haven’t actually seen of much of it going on. I know if I if I look in my street I see no ugly nodes adorning it yet. Seems progress is going just as slow as the speeds it will eventually provide; snail class.

            btw 403 days to go Rizz ;-)

          • HC…

            Look what alain told me…

            “… the FTTP rollout was constantly scaled back and targets missed by massive amounts, my area was put back twice, at the end of 2013 it disappeared from the whiteboard rollout map altogether.”

            Seems like he has inadvertently admitted that although FttP did have hold-ups, had the Coalition not made FttP “disappear from the whiteboard at the end of 2013″… he would now have FttP…

            As no one (or pretty much no one) has FttN and had the Coalition not taken FttP off the whiteboard at the end of 2013, alain is clearly admitting here that FttN/MTM is certainly not faster (in fact slower) to rollout than FttP…isn’t he?


          • The area disappeared under the Labor NBN rollout maps as you well know, is that the best you can do, game playing with syntax in a panicked effort to score a point?

            The Coalition MTM rollout plan has nothing to worry about from you, never did, never will.

        • End of 2013, who was in power?

          Thanks for admitting you would have had FttP if not for the present government taking it off your whiteboard.

          But that’s ok you didn’t want nor need it anyway – 12 mbps is enough for anybody said the PM previously and you would have nodded faithfully.

      • “That was a key phrase used a lot about the defunct FTTP rollout”

        Well, we’ll never know will we, as despite there being fibre right outside my door, the current government decided the crumbling copper that has seem my bandwidth drop by 30% in the last four years would be good enough for an indefinite future period of time.

        “You mean the one they are building NOW.”

        Not for my location they’re not, which was kind of the obvious point of my post…

        • JCL,

          The point is would you have had FTTP sooner, the fact is you will never know, even if the FTTP rollout had continued beyond 2013 would you or anyone else have had a (Labor) FTTP connection sooner than a (Coalition) MTM connection, the fact is there is only one answer to that – maybe.

          • I got my FttP sooner under Labor than I would have under LNP.

            So I for one DO know.

          • Here’s the thing. The fibre rollout in my area would have had to blow out by a minimum of four years in order to be as bad as the MTM is now, best case. That is, I’m assuming MTM will turn up sometime around 2018-2019 (and it’s a complete guess, given the lack of information available). I know that there is fibre out the front of my residence because I could sit at my desk and look at the fibre details including capacity etc…that could have been resold to NBN.

            What I do know is that right now I’m not even on the schedule for what will be a worse service. So I’m getting (probably) later and worse.

        • Obvious to most JCL, but don’t take anything for granted (especially don’t expect common sense from these people or for them to actually deal in friendly good faith).

          You are corresponding with Astroturfers & Co, they aren’t here to make friends they are here to spread FUD.

          I don’t even try to be remotely nice to these people anymore, because anyone who will argue we will never know, showing a complete unwillingness to even factor in the FttP hold-ups (yes the very hold-ups they raved about daily when FttP was underway – and the same one’s we factor in) whilst NEVER even mentioning the MTM hold-ups (let alone admitting to them) are not genuinely here for friendly correspondence so, I accommodate them accordingly.

          I find their stupidity and inevitable contradictions simply addressed and laughed at to be all that’s required for them to weasel off tail between legs…

          It’s unfortunate but hey, that’s obviously the way they want to play, so…

          Happy hunting :)

      • “JCL like myself, would have had FttP by now even when factoring the initial hold-ups.”

        How do you know what ‘coulda-shoulda-woulda’, the FTTP rollout was constantly scaled back and targets missed by massive amounts, my area was put back twice, at the end of 2013 it disappeared from the whiteboard rollout map altogether.

        • Wow alain… you can actually reply to me! How about that?

          Sadly while you pick and choose which comment you think you can FUD up and escape somewhat unscathed, you are still unable to answer (m)any questions.

          But one step at a time, eh…? So congratulations. Pity the reply was typically infantile but nonetheless it was at least an attempted reply, so kudos…

          FttP was scaled back, we have all said that, did you miss it, should I say it again for all the dummies? But read my lips, ready…

          Even with those hold-ups you and we all know about, factored, had the roll out continued, my self (and apparently JCL) would now have had FttP…

          Got it this time? No I thought not… I know, it’s once again the old 1 + 1 = ? that’s proven time and time again to be beyond you eh alain? But do ya wanna give it even one more shot, after I have now asked you a number of times…? Go on…

          Yawn… of course FttP disappeared off the whiteboard in your area after 2013…

          Hello McFly, that was when your more precious than life itself Coalition took over and in case you can’t recall, why you voted for them (like always – you just must) umm, they stopped FttP in most areas, just as you voted for remember now…LOL

          We “woulda” but Coalition says no… (as they did with Snowy Mountains, Sydney Operas house etc…gee more foresight eh?)

          So now that you have “warped back to 2013 yet again” (after accusing us all of doing so *sigh*) and talked about FttP’s slight scaling back targets… why not forward your immense wisdom (ahem) and also tell us about MTM’s even larger scale back and UPTO (lol) $15B cost blow out, even with the groundwork already done for them.

          Or are these blowouts and hold-up quite ok with you? Well…???

          Hmmm *crickets*…

          I thought so….

          • Total conjecture you would have had FTTP by now, after the 2013 election Conroy said it was too ambitious so it probably would have been scaled back even more, Labor NBN Co might have seriously reconsidered HFC for BB as way of speeding the way behind rollout process up.

            This time around Labor NBN 2016 plan will have learnt the lesson of the past, I bet they keep HFC and FTTB and scale back brownfield FTTP.

          • Oh you missed this…

            So now that you have “warped back to 2013 yet again” (after accusing us all of doing so *sigh*) and talked about FttP’s slight scaling back targets… why not forward your immense wisdom (ahem) and also tell us about MTM’s even larger scale back and UPTO (lol) $15B cost blow out, even with the groundwork already done for them.

            Or are these blowouts and hold-up quite ok with you? Well…???

            Hmmm *crickets*…

          • You and others in the ‘Back to 2013 FTTP’ time warp really need to move on, I am sure you all will still be remembering the ‘Good Ol’ days of NBN 2007-2013′ that weren’t ‘good ol’ days’ at all through to 2019.

            “It’s official: Labor’s NBN project has failed”


            It’s 2015 heading rapidly into 2016 under a Coalition Government that won in its own right with an alternative NBN policy by a substantial margin.

            Has it sunk in yet?

          • I see you failed to address my questions of MTM time frame and cost blowouts, twice here…

            Ignorance and complete subservience must be a bliss for you alain.

            Keep dreaming son…

          • yep, it is almost 2016 and still not a node in sight here, barely any progress anywhere to be seen elsewhere. 25mbps for all (as promised) in 402 days seems unlikely. Now $56 billion instead of the $29 billion they originally said and still a waste of money for a solution that needs to be replaced even before it’s built.

            So we ask that the religious copper zealots & Turnbull apologists apply the same amount of scrutiny to what is happening TODAY in GimpCo land just as they did before 2013 but all we get is “bu bu bu labor, fttp, etc”.

            It’s clear who has and hasn’t moved on.

            Time for the coalition clowns to start taking responsibility for the lack of progress with their politically motivated patchwork plan and those that endorsed this colossal $56 billion mess to admit they were wrong instead of trying to divert the discussion every time they get asked a hard question about their position.

          • Look on the bright side HC…

            UPTO (lol) $56B for MTM is at least better than Hockeys estimate of $70B for MTM.

            Or will that doozy surface in the next CP?

          • HC,

            “yep, it is almost 2016 and still not a node in sight here”

            Why do you care when FTTN is being rolled out ‘here’, you will be one of the first in Australia to order Fibre on Demand aren’t you?

            ” 25mbps for all (as promised) in 402 days seems unlikely.”

            It is very unlikely because the Coalition revised it and published the revision, I know that, it was not a secret, you really need to catch up instead of sitting back in 2013 all the time.

            ” Now $56 billion instead of the $29 billion they originally said”

            It’s not $56B and it’s not up from $29B, but you know that, is repetitive deliberate misquoting really all you have left to argue with?

            ” and still a waste of money for a solution that needs to be replaced even before it’s built.”

            How does that work, so RFS FTTN areas and RFS HFC areas will be replaced by Labor the ‘Party of Fibre’ as a top priority, probably not eh?

            Also do you really need my help to bag the Coalition MTM, don’t you have enough doing it in Delimiter, and the two that are not need to come onto the ‘back to 2013 FTTP’ bandwagon.

            ” and those that endorsed this colossal $56 billion mess”

            It’s not a “colossal $56 billion mess”, it does seem all you have left is deliberate misquoting, chuck around a few terms like ‘Gimp Co’ and “Fraudband” chuck it against the wall see what sticks and apparently that constitutes rational and well thought out anti MTM argument.

          • Indeed HC and our friend alain, whilst forever contradictorily stating stop warping back to 2013, is the first to, err fucking always warp back to 2013 or even to 2007, to desperately try to deflect from the current absolute clusterfuck…

            And did you see he links to something Renai said over 2 years ago, but ignores everything Renai has said since…LOL , speaking of “warping back”…

            So I’ll say it A G A I N, alain…

            …now that you have “warped back to 2013 yet again” (after accusing us all of doing so *sigh*) and talked about FttP’s slight scaling back targets… why not forward your immense wisdom (ahem) and also tell us about MTM’s even larger scale back and UPTO (lol) $15B cost blow out, even with the groundwork already done for them.

            Q. Do I need to ask A G A I N?
            A. Yes.

          • HC check this too…ROFL…

            Remember any missed target from Quigley & Co was attacked by the relics and their far right moronic supporters, as the sky is falling, white elephant, the world is ending…

            Look at what the same sycophants say now about the completely fucked up 2016 estimates…

            “It is very unlikely because the Coalition revised it and published the revision…”

            Oh so that’s all ok NOW, because they revised and published their failures…

            So all is great as usual in the conservative safety bubble of BS where the mindless illogical ideological reside…


  7. It might be appealing if you’ll actually USE all 1TB, but what have they actually done?

    *Forced a bundled Netfone with all connections (and jacked up the price accordingly). That used to be a $10 add-on.
    *Got rid of low- & mid-tier quotas. That’s fine if you use a ton of data, but if you’re only using half or less of the 1TB (I’d use about a 1/4)? It’s cheaper to go elsewhere.
    *Got rid of the Freezone. Yes, the quota has increased accordingly, but you’re still paying the same as for a top-tier quota (albeit with 1TB instead of 500GB previously). The extra value of Freezone is lost.

    In my circumstance (and I’m sure for many others too), it’s cheaper to go elsewhere. If I wanted massive quotas at the prices they offer, I would’ve just gone with TPG in the first place.

    IMO it’s another step down the path of making iiNet a TPG-clone… or just absorbing the brand entirely. :-(

    • “IMO it’s another step down the path of making iiNet a TPG-clone… or just absorbing the brand entirely. :-(”

      Not surprising, I expect within 24-36 months that iiNet and Internode will no longer exist as brands, and we will be left with just TPG.

      • I sincerely doubt that. The Internode and iiNet brands have very strong brand equity attached to them and I expect that the brands will remain, but TPG will just align their product range as iiNet did with their subsidiaries.

        • iiNet has too many assimilation issues already that I think the delineation will just blur between TPG and iiNet.

          I can hope internode holds out a might longer (simply due to not being assimilated by iiNet other than CS due to complex systems), but TPG is already flexing its ‘network’ so ce la vie!

  8. I’m waiting till the plans improve before switching over. We’re being asked to pay $10 extra for a slower speed (comparing the prices of ADSL2+ and 12MB/s fibre) and locked into 12 or 24 month contracts. Where are the plans in the $50 range at a comparable speed to what I’m getting on ADSL?

    Don’t get me wrong, I do want the NBN, but I want it to at least be a step across, not a step down.

    • Same here, I have 13Mbps (at good times) on ADSL2+ right now and have had it since 2008. To get something at least as good (25Mbps), I have to pay $80 a month – that’s $30 more. If it is no more reliable, then there is no advantage and we have been screwed over.

      • If you’re in the FTTP portion of the NBN, most providers are going to be relatively similar, so you could go with someone like Skymesh instead?

        • No such luck. I’m getting FTTN, which has big reliability question marks over it. The most I can hope for is for my line to hold up after the build and my sync speed has slowly gone down over the years. And we paid $50 billion for this???

          • Just hope you’re right next to the pillar and the node is built right next to that ;)

  9. Renai these are crap plans. Haven’t you read all the complaints in the Whirlpool thread? There is no mention in your article of iiNett removing the other speed tiers which has angered some users.

  10. I’m currently with Internode on their top-end NBN plan but am looking for something cheaper due to household financial stress. A pity I couldn’t get the iiNet plan without the telephony for under $100. :(

    • Have you looking into Skymesh? $99.95 a month gets 600GB anytime data and 12TB offpeak on 100/40, as well as quota-free Netflix.

  11. Idiots, the people will only need 25Mbps for the next 10 years. Everything from Telehealth to working from home & HD video streaming can be done with up to 25Mbps. The Government has consulted with many “seasoned experts” about this. They should know they are at the helm of the ship steering this country into future prosperity.

    • wRx555 now that you have raised the ship subject…I feel a song coming on…

      I’ve thrown away my toys, even my drum and train.
      I wanna make some noise with real live aeroplanes.
      Some day I’m going to fly. I’ll be a fibre pilot too.
      And when I do, how would you like to be my fibre crew…
      On the good ship NBN lollipop. Its a sweet trip to a candy shop
      Where bon-bons play on the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.
      Lemonade stands everywhere, crackerjack bands fill the air.
      And there you are Happy landing on a chocolate bar.
      See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll With the big bad devils food cake.
      If you eat too much ooh ooh you’ll awake with a Turnbull tummy ache.
      On the good ship NBN lollipop it’s a night trip into bed you hop
      And dream away of FTTH teraflops, on the good ship NBN lollipop.

  12. I though because of interference between ADSL and VDSL that the speed was going to be throttled to 12Mb for up to 18 months after the FTTN going live. And how come in NZ the average download FTTN speed was only 13Mb, if not what has the NBN done here that NZ didn’t do there ?????

      • Yea but New Zealand has Gandalf and he didn’t help them and they had the ring that ruled them all. The only ring we have is when Turnbull is walking away from us.

        • You’ve not heard the theory that Gandalf was just a Warrior with high points in use magic item? ;-)

    • When the cut a pillar over to the node how are they meant to support ADSL etc (even a normal telstra dial tone)? I mean they’re physically disconnecting your pair at the pillar from the old copper to the new copper to the node.

      Unless they do it on request per pair then they’ll be sending a tech out to said pillar every other day and then yes they will have to manage cross talk issues a whole heap.

      It does raise the point that if this is the case then how can anyone subscribe to a >12or25? service. If I did and that turns out to be the case I’d be asking for my money back as its false advertising.

      • This is something I have been wondering for a while…. When they cut the copper and connect it to the node…. Are they not also going to then have to have ADSL DSLAMS in the node to keep supporting ADSL?

        • Maybe the VDSL is backwards compatible with ADSL or maybe its plug-and-play or maybe I’m taking a heap of shit, well if the Coalition can do it so can I.

      • Simon M,

        ” I mean they’re physically disconnecting your pair at the pillar from the old copper to the new copper to the node.”

        No they are not, the pillar and your connection to it stays, they link the pillar to the Node cabinet.

        • Ok atm we have ADSL: Exchange DSLAM (non Telstra or NBN) => pillar via 100/200 strand cable. From pillar to home is a pair (well maybe 2 if they haven’t used the the ‘spare’ up already). I am aware that pillar to home stays as is.

          What is unclear is if the Exchange to Pillar remains connected whilst the NBN: Node to pillar is installed. If it is that just screams all sorts of troubles as you’ll be connected to 2 different hardware endpoints at the same time (and I guess why 12Mb limit applies).If it does not then you physically lose your ADSL whether you want to or not (because its not like There is room to install DSLAMs in the node cabinet etc).

          • Simon M,

            I’m not sure what your point is, why would you want to stay on ADSL when a FTTN VDSL connection is available, the switch over has to occur at some point, there reaches a point when a FTTN area has no residences on exchange based DSLAM’s anymore and the ISP/Telstra will shut that service down, the same principle would apply to FTTP and HFC areas forcing the shutdown of the ADSL service.

          • @R

            Point is which process will it be? Good ol more Transparent NBN isn’t saying diddly and there’s some fairly serious side effects either way.

  13. Still nothing seems to match SkyMesh price matched to Dodos (seemingly now grandfathered) 100Mbps 1TB/1TB plan for $90 – in fact, now that that’s grandfathered, it seems like the cost of NBN is only going up :(

  14. First paragraph is misleading: “offered a terabyte of download quota ” No, the quota is download + upload so you wont be able to download a terabyte. double dipping quota

  15. Even TPG NBN plans are ok.

    100/40 unlimited for $99.99 and phone service and free calls to Au land lines and 100 minutes of international calls.

  16. I’m on fibre NBN but use TPG unlimited over iiNet (I know they are/will be the same company) as I’m not sure if one TB a month is enough. If the limit was 2tb rather than one, they would have me as a client.

  17. my chosen 25/5 plan went from 64.95, to 74.90 (they added the unwanted voip), and now 79.99
    iinet, your plans suck. I will not be upgrading my iinet adsl to iinet nbn. I will be getting a new provider

  18. Just to confirm you can pay $109.99 for the same VDSL speed/data allowance costing $79.99. Renai’s experiences comparable speeds (around 100mbps).

    We’ve been here before, TPG ADSL vs NBN pricing a few years ago. Did the fanboys squeal.

    Great investment, $13+b already blown another $30+b to go. Taxpayers prepare for the pain. What a policy disaster.

    • According to iiNet’s website their $79.99 VDSL2 plan is only up to 80/40Mbps and states likely speeds will vary between 50 to 80 Mbps where actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors including interference and line length. On the other hand the iiNet $109.99 plan will deliver 100/40Mbps line speeds. Not exactly a like for like comparison.

      By comparison the nearest equivalent Optus Cable plan (Big Bundle with Max Speed) pack is $125 for unlimited data and up to 100/2Mbps while the Telstra L Bundle is $135 for 1000GB data and up to 100/2Mbps, with the typically disclaimer about throughput speeds being impacted by various factors.

      On analysis iiNet’s bundle is actually pretty competitive against other the ‘fast’ broadband plans and comes with a guaranteed throughput of 100/40Mbps rather than an up to throughput.

      • @kp the GPON standard used by Nbnco can’t guarantee 100mbs. Nor will its CVC, nor provisioned backhaul. Time to learn about data networks. Also today no guarantee FTTH will be used (wholesale network ensuring wholesale pricing not reflective of costs). A failed policy.

        40% more cost, similar service.

        Billions in infrastructure wasted. Damage to revenue model obvious when they overbuild.

        • Sigh CVC is to do with RSP not NBN if an RSP doesn’t buy enough its hardly NBN fault. The back haul networks been built already if NBN runs out of capacity its a simple electronic upgrade to fix that. Optus has just gone through and upgraded its intercap links to 100Gbps (same fibre new electronics etc).

          Similar service hey…. what is your coppers stability or speed like at around 40km? apples to apples fibre is stable and capable of even theoretical Cu speeds at that distance (and much much more).

    • Ah yes good old Richard (who’s been strangely MIA of late as MTM limps from one fuck up to the next and the Coalition and Morrow make more ridiculous comments)… here once again cherry picking figures to suit his blind narrative.

      But I’m glad you are finally seeing the waste and disaster that is MTM, of course then normally trying to deflect that back to FttP – but hey this is a start…

      Oh but isn’t that the very same MTM you said could have been commissioned to write, as it ticked all your boxes?

      Gee how about that, MTM IS actually a disaster you say? Yes that’s what we told you years ago as you were ticking boxes, grandstanding and trying to belittle everyone else…

      So fanboys = right, relic’d wing nuts = wrong.

      Thanks for popping in.

      • @rizz fanboys unhappy when I post (some calling for a ban on descenting option), unhappy when I don’t.

        Bad month for them though; Quigley belatingly confirming both cost blowouts and delays. Called out at the time to Alex’s constructive criticisms. His 3 CPs (one withheld from the electorate) destroyed.

        NBN policy “waste and disaster” (all models) entirely as I predicted. Savings of infrastructure reuse acknowledged, as is speeds matching customers’ demand, faster deployment and improving copper speeds all correct. Also the uncompetitive pricing of our new govt monopoly and continued cost blowouts (more expected as revenue fails to materialise) and delays to their ambitious timelines.

        Belittling not required, fanboys doing it themselves. Hard to walk tall after being so wrong for so long (their posts as foul evidence; eloquent use of language btw).

        • Richard again says, but, but, but…

          Claiming that you bagged both policies is a lie.

          The fact you said you could have been commissioned to have written this MTM policy whilst bagging the other proves it Richard. Or did you know MTM was going to be a darned unpleasant kerfuffle and none to spiffing (is that ok) after all? But just did your duty and talked it up as a card carrying ultra conservative?

          Now the fact that you (when fingered as a far right, relic’d copper throwback from the 50’s) always screamed but I’m a (L)libertarian and oppose all government intervention, as your get out of jail/gaol free card was pretty funny. But when easily prodded of course in the next breath you always bagged the previous government and their FttP and lauded the then opposition and their FRAUDBAND, displaying further dishonesty.

          As for my eloquence. Well again I remind you it is 2015 not 1950 Richard (sorry to again have to be the one to bring the facts into your safety bubble) and the use of such words is no longer completely taboo. In fact the odd magic word is acceptable in most forums. As such as I believe in calling a spade a spade, I do so in saying MTM is a complete fuck up and that is the best way to describe it.

          In other words the plan you could have been commissioned to write (including construction timeframes and costs) has fucked up big time – exactly as we said it would and you “argued”.

          MTM is years behind promised roll out targets and $B’s in blowouts (plus huge OPEX – maintenance, upgrades, copper replacement, power etc) and with the start-up groundwork already put in place by NBNCo (Quigley) and they just had to tweak.

          Anyway going around in circles here.

          We all know what you said and we all can now see (but some still can’t quite accept, although again I see you are starting to) that your MTM plan is a complete failure.

        • Richard,

          Please continue blaming people not involved with the current NBN, iiNet or even current policy. There’s a word to explain that – I believe its.. irrelevant?

          Throwing words such as “belitteling” and “fanboy” into the same sentence is emotive pap, good sir. It is pap and silliness of the highest order. When you actually bring a relevant, current argument to the table, then I shall happily entertain your theory-crafting. But right now?

          It reads like a petulant child hell bent on blaming their sibling, for something that happened years ago. Quite, quite childish.

      • But I’m glad you are finally seeing the waste and disaster that is MTM

        I was wondering how long it would take him, rusty cogs take a while to turn I guess but also when it was a plan you endorsed arrogance and pride get in the way of admitting you made a mistake backing the disaster. Still a bit of desperation evident from the comment below, trying to revise history (again), GimpCo would be proud of the effort so maybe he a can get a job applying his talents if Karina Keisler steps down…

  19. Instead of paying $120 a month for 500 + 500 100/40 with fiber phone it’s now $130 but there is no more on/off peak. I’m disappointed although i hate plans with peak times now that TPG owns iinet I would of expected the prices to go down as they are messing with the good routing they used to have.

  20. TPG is stripping choice and flexibility out of plans to reduce costs.

    It is infinitely cheaper to have 2-3 services and products, than 12-13; less training, less support, less everything. Why does this surprise anyone?

    The ACCC’s truly bone-headed acceptance of lobbying for 121+ POPs, whilst simultaneously pining for the fjords desperate hope for infrastructure competition (why is this even relevant now?) has lead to massive reduction in choice and competition in a market that would have seen several moderate/ large players compete on the single platform.

    Now we are getting down to a form of service based oligarchies. A small group of large companies that will seek to strip value and choice out of plans, to remain commercially viable and to “maximise value” – whatever the hell that now means.

    Welcome to the ACCC’s idea of “competition”. Companies using loopholes to try and miss the cluster-fuck that the NBN has become, others going on massive acquisition drives to ramp up customer numbers and streamlining products and services to operate over a network that will increasingly become uncompetitive.

    It’s a fucking joke. And no-one is laughing. Anyone with half a brain could see this freight train coming. The ACCC have a lot to answer for – far more than Turnbull and Conroy, combined.

    NBN may cost a lot. But completion was destroyed by ACCC.

  21. It makes me sick – we’re currently getting quotes for Ethernet over Copper for our business as ADSL2+ just doesn’t cut it anymore, even at the max sync rates we get (only 400m from the exchange). But we’re still looking at $700/Month for 50/50.

    This when we are only 10 min from the Brisbane CBD. Those of our employee’s who live in FTTP areas get 40 times the upload for cost of our ADSL2 connection.

  22. Speed: 100Mbps Data Cap (LOL) Terabyte Price: $109.99 = RIPOFF

    EPB Chattanooga:
    1 Gigabit speed package (1,000 Mbps) symmetrical $69.99/month
    or 100 Mbps package for $57.99/month.

    Verizon FiOS:
    50/50 Mbps $34.99/month
    100/100 Mbps $44.99/month
    150/150 Mbps $54.99/month
    300/300 Mbps $154.99/month
    500/500 Mbps $254.99/month

    Google Fiber:
    Gigabit (symmetrical) $70.00/month

    Datacaps are nonexistent on all three services because it’s the 21st century!!!

  23. Hypothetically assuming 100 Mbps actually available bandwidth (one can dream),
    1 TB is 1024*1024*8 = 8,388,608 Mb
    so it takes roughly 8,388,608 Mb / 100 Mbps = 83,886 s = 23h and 20m
    to reach the monthly cap at the nominal performance level.
    Makes me want to call ACCC before IINET… either the cap is 30 TB per month or they should not be allowed to call it 100 Mbps.
    What is certain is I won’t be paying a grossly inflated price for a grossly overrated performance and underrated capacity, simple.

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