Telstra launches “best ever” terabyte broadband plan


news Telstra has launched what it is calling its “biggest and best value home bundle offer” that sees users get a hefty 1 terabyte of data, along with other features.

Available for customers signing up for 24 months, the bumped-up “Large” home bundle throws in a Telstra TV with the 1000GB of data – enough to stream standard-definition Netflix shows 24/7 for a month, with plenty of data to spare, according to the telco.

Telstra TV is the a streaming device that combines three streaming services – Presto, Stan and Netflix – plus five free-to-air catch-up apps and movie rentals through BigPond Movies.

Also included in the bundle are a six-month Presto Entertainment subscription, three months of FOX Sports Digital and $15 of BigPond Movies credit.

Customers will further receive a Telstra Air Wi-Fi compatible gateway modem and free Telstra Air access until 30 June, providing internet access at more than 300,000 hotspots across Australia and 18 million overseas.

The bundle comes with unlimited home phone calls to local, national, and Australian mobile numbers.

So what will all this cost? For customers signing up on a 24-month subscription before 30 May, the subscription fee will be $99 a month (a minimum total cost of $2,435, which includes an activation fee. An extra $12 delivery fee may apply).

It is worth noting that, once the 24-month period is up, the plan will revert to Telstra’s standard Large bundle costing $119 per month and coming with 500GB data.

Should a mere 1TB not be sufficient for your excessive streaming demands, Telstra is also offering an “Extra Large” 1,500GB package that will cost users $149 a month over 24 months (minimum total cost $3,635).

Additionally, for users who don’t watch TV 24/7, the “Medium” bundle is now offering a bumped-up 400GB (up from 200GB) for $89 a month (minimum total cost $2,195). For full conditions, see the Telstra website.


    • I would not consider that a bad thing the Roku is close to the Best if not the best streaming box available.

      • Sure, the Roku is a great device, my point was more that Telstra PR about it makes it sound like its something you HAVE to get through Telstra, when you could just buy a Roku 3 or 4 from Amazon and not be locked into a ridiculously expensive plan with Telstra for 24 months.

        • FWIW I have 3 Roku’s at home and the downside to self importing is you cant access any of the Australian roku “channels” eg ABC, Stan, Fox etc etc. They are only available to the Telstra TV devices which run custom Roku firmware.

          • Well then, that does suck.

            Might as well just buy a FireTV/AppleTV/NVidia Shield at that point then.

            Or just use a chromecast and cast from your smartphone versions of the apps.

          • Yeah Apple TV is prolly the better alternative right now – personally if I was replacing my roku’s i’d get the ATV-4 (unless I wanted 4k) as you can easily load apps from any region by creating an Apple account for that region and then changing the region on your ATV and logging on with the new account.

            This then lets you add the channels you want for that region and when you switch back to your normal Aussie account the apps stay loaded.

            I used this method to get Netflix etc back when I ran ATV-2’s with Kodi (I moved to the Roku’s mainly for Plex) and I assume it still works.

          • I use the Plex app on my iDevices and it works like a dream, its the main reason I am looking at an AppleTV myself. Though I may just wait a while and hope they release a 4K AppleTV in a year or so.

            It doesn’t surprise me that Telstra has locked up the Roku in Australia so that you have to get it through them to get the Australian apps….

          • We use Plex on our iPhones and iPads too and it’s brilliant – for driving holidays we put the 2 kids iPads into mounts on the back of the car head-rests and sync them up with each of their favorite content … works like a dream!

    • Telstra’s broadband network has gone to the dogs especially after 7pm, where the promised 100Mbp/s is lucky to make it to 2 Mbp/s.

      There’s nothing “best ever” about the Telstra network these days!

  1. I’ve been getting Telstra’s 1TB plan* for nearly a year already for $99 p/m, it’s not that hard get on a permanent basis by twisting a Telstra reps arm by threatening to leave!

    *with PSTN Phone bundle

    • Truly, the ‘best ever’ is hardly worth a mention. It’s something like 10% cheaper than the last deal, but the bad part is that it reverts to $119, after the contract ends. A couple freebies is a strong indication that it’s a bad deal. They reel in suckers with this type of bait.

  2. So, did I read that right? Does it seriously revert to 500gb after the year ONTOP of the price increase? That’s hilarious.

    I’m currently on TPG fttn getting solid 100mbps even after 7pm and pay $95 a month including all the same voip and free calls and overseas bs. Completely unlimited download. Telstra simply doesn’t compete with that. IMO The only way they could sound compelling is by bundling foxtel sport continuously as part of the deal…none of this 3 months free here, 1 month free there junk

    And for what it’s worth… signed up several months ago to nbn and was online in a mere 3 bus days with tpg. My mate down the road signed up with Telstra and is still waiting for connection, it’s been over 2 months now. So there is no way Telstra is a premium NBN service. Granted mobile they are good, but simply have no right demanding a premium price for nbn.

  3. I was considering Telstra for my new FTTN connection, but after digging, I found that to have rDNS set up with them, I will need to go Business plan, 24 months only option and if you go over the quota they will charge you a lot for anything over. You can pay extra for static IP on residential plans, but no rDNS possible with that. So be aware if you need above.
    PS: I read that they are refusing Business plans on FTTN atm.

  4. You can get the 1000GB and free phone calls for $79 at iiNet. who wants the crap streaming channels.

  5. Is that at 25/5 or 100/40? That plan seems like poor value after the introductory period if it’s not 100/40.

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