Telstra doubles NBN/broadband data on new bundle deals


news Telstra has announced special deals for new NBN or broadband customers, offering extra data, bonus calls, and access to Wi-Fi when away from the home.

For a limited time, first-time home broadband customers who take up an eligible bundle for 24 months will be eligible for a number of bonus inclusions at no additional cost. The telco detailed the new bonuses yesterday in a post on its Exchange blog.

This will include twice the monthly data on ‘Medium’ or ‘Large’ Telstra bundles (an additional 200GB), or an extra 500GB on ‘X-Large’ Bundles for the full two-year period. The company notes that bonus data inclusion expires earlier if customers cancel early or move to an ineligible bundle.

The offer includes bonus unlimited national calls to standard fixed line numbers on Medium Bundles – excluding some calls, such as premium numbers (for example 19xx numbers), and 13, 1234 and 12456 numbers.

Also included is free Telstra Air Wi-Fi data until 30 June, providing the customer still has data in their home broadband allowance.

After 30 June, customers can use their double home broadband data to access Telstra Air hotspots (an eligible home broadband service and compatible modem are required).

Telstra is further offering three months free Platinum HD for new ‘Foxtel from Telstra’ customers in addition to the bundles, with no set-up costs, no cancellation fees and no contract.

This offer is only available to customers who have not had a Foxtel service within the last three months, it points out. Ongoing subscription charges will apply after the introductory three-month period unless the customer cancels earlier.

Telstra said its bundles are not available to all areas, homes or customers, and require a suitable TV. Further, additional fees will apply for professional and non-standard installation.

Pricing for the bundles can be viewed here.


  1. Renai has a new helper? :)

    Still don’t know what the actual pricing is, it’s not mentioned in this article and the Telstra website is HORRID. Is to too hard to put the plans in a simple table? xGB for $x?

    Furthermore, no mention of NBN speed, however knowing Telstra it’s one of the slowest speed tiers (ie. 25 Mbps) and anything faster costs more.

  2. Suspect speeds are 25/5.

    If you want 50/20 it costs an extra $20, and 100/40 costs an extra $30.

    • reading the fine print… If you exceed your monthly data allowance your broadband speed will slow to 256kbps until the next month. Thats pitiful… IInet plans are around the same dollars for their standard plans as the double data bundle plan Hel$tra is offering, but… IInet have 8mbps/1mbps throttle speeds if you happen to use all your quota.

      • They do offer top ups if you go over. 3 times per year you can top up your quota at no additional cost. The top up doubles your data e.g. 1TB -> 2TB and removes the throttling.

        The only downside is you have to wait until you are over quota until you can do the top up. The upside is there’s no need to go through their “customer service” to activate the top up. It’s available through the mobile app and possibly through the account portal (haven’t confirmed the latter since I have the mobile app).

    • I don’t see why. Whilst I am an ADSL customer, I certainly doubt it would be any better for NBN customers.

      The routing is the same if not worse than residential and the customer service is just as terrible, although the wait times aren’t as bad. It is essentially a more expensive residential service with a static IP.

  3. I just can’t get past the 24 month lock in contracts. Every time I check out what Telstra are offering the reality of being locked in for that length of time just drives me away.

      • I haven’t seen those. Time for another look I guess :)

        I’m fairly happy with my TPG plan at the moment (100Gb peak / 100 off peak) but if I can get more for about the same price I’ll check it out.

    • Same feelings regarding the Telstra contracts. Currently on an NBN Home Bundle M that runs out in a year and a mobile is already out of plan. The new 12 month Mx mobile plan is not available to existing Telstra customers and on the Home Bundle M, the additional 200GB data is only for new customers. Will bide my time till around this time next year and move away from Telstra… The deals to attract new Telstra customers are fantastic but once you’ve been locked into that 24 month contract you become like the rest of us ;-) Would be brilliant if Telstra provided similar upgrades to existing customers.

  4. Its disgraceful of Telstra not to allow existing customers to get such offerings – for example – I’m out of contract with them. Already have a working connection – albeit slow and that’s on a good day. If I choose to resign / extend my contract why can’t I get the new bundle at that cost. To Telstra its basically already set up – just change the details and extend the contract. I’d much prefer to go from the XL plan to the L plan and pay less and still get 1tb of data.

    So much more retaining customer loyalty

    • Been a common complaint since I worked at BigPond 8 years ago… Once they have you they don’t care about you. At least if you’re off contract you can argue with retentions dept about cancelling your account; THEN they’ll offer you something. Those on contract are just boned.

  5. My guess is these are the new standard prices but telstra is milking the media coverage on sites like this by saying it is a so called bonus offer. I say this because the double medium plan has been available for months now I got a letter in the mail about it back in october/november and the large 500gig plan has had a bonus 400gig which made it 900 gig, almost as much as these new plans.

    • Just a correction it was 300gig bonus on the large plan so 200 gig short of the new plans so maybe these are slightly better

  6. So telstras call connection fee on their small nbn plan is 52c. and local calls: 52c. holy cow batman!

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