NSW Govt hires Data61 to ease traffic congestion with big data


news Data61 (formerly National ICT Australia) has partnered with the New South Wales Government on a big data project that is aimed to ease congestion in the state, according to a statement from Transport for NSW.

The scheme will see Data61 compile data from Opal, GPS devices, traffic signals and buses to provide better information for the Transport Management Centre to alert road users of congestion hotspots and provide information about alternative routes.

“This real-time data that is being compiled by the data experts and will help us improve congestion-management initiatives and prioritise programs that lead to more reliable travel times on the road and transport network,” a Transport for NSW spokesperson said.

“With congestion costing Sydney about $5 billion each year, this partnership is a great example of the private sector coming up with bright ideas to tackle the increased pressure on the road network and on public transport using some out of the box thinking, they added”

Transport for NSW pointed out that Sydney residents currently make 16 million road trips on an average weekday and 15 million at the weekend. Further, almost 70% of weekday trips are taken by car during peak periods, leading to increased pressure on both the road network and public transport systems.

The big data scheme is part of the NSW Government’s commitment to delivering an “efficient and effective” transport system and to make travel times more reliable around Sydney.

It is funded under the State Premier’s Innovation Initiative, which reached out to industry for innovative solutions to issues such as congestion.


  1. Of course nobody wants to see usefully resourced Public and Mass Transport on the roads now, do we? And we certainly don’t want {motorist|crowd}-funded development with toll gates, do we? As for those idiot Poms in London, well who needs cameras spying on our driving habits? We’ll just spend squillions on computers instead.

  2. I dunno that should be pretty easy imho without big data! Piece of string and some chalk draw a 50km circle around CBD and just state ‘congested’ ;)!

  3. the best way to fix congestion is to build more cycleways , update their rail network signals that fail , more trains and cheaper fares they hiked up since Opal. Not roads and jobs for the donors.

    How do they alert drivers who should not be looking at their phones ? hmm. Waste of resources.

    If only they actually provided their data from all departments in a usable json format with an actual api. they can’t even get that right.

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