Federal Govt releases big data strategy


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in brief The Federal Government has this afternoon released the formal version of its whole of government big data strategy, which whole of government chief information officer Glenn Archer and others in the Canberra public sector have been working on for some time. The document is available online in PDF format, and Archer wrote in a post on the blog of the Australian Government Information Management Office:

“The Strategy provides a Whole-of-Government approach to big data in order to enhance services, deliver new services and provide better policy advice, while incorporating best practice privacy protection and leveraging existing ICT investments.”

The strategy contains a number of concrete actions which the Government aims to take by certain dates to meet its overarching aims. For example, it will develop big data better practice guidance (by March 2014); identify and report on barriers to big data analytics (by July 2014); enhance skills and experience in big data analysis (by July 2014); develop a guide to responsible data analytics (by July 2014); develop information asset registers (an ongoing task) and actively monitor technical advances in big data analytics (an ongoing task).