EFA kicks off digital rights campaign for election year


news Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) has launched its digital rights campaign for 2016, which addresses issues such as privacy, censorship and net neutrality.

The EFA said that the “generic and non-partisan” campaign is aimed to raise awareness of the importance of digital rights in Australia in the approach to the 2016 federal election and beyond.

“The campaign will not be presented as ‘an EFA campaign’ but is rather intended to be open for involvement and collaboration from as wide a range of interested parties as possible,” the organisation said.

The campaign was launched at an EFA-hosted event held at the close of Linux Conference Australia in Geelong, Victoria, on 5 February.

At the event, EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence said, “In an increasingly digitised world, digital rights need to be mainstream political issues.”

“Australians lack the constitutional protections that are enjoyed by many other nations and the potential for abuse of these rights here is very real, whether from government overreach, private sector failures or individual actions,” he said. “With support for innovation already set to be a key policy area for the election, it is critical that digital rights issues are also given mainstream attention.”

The EFA set out the primary issues to be addressed in the campaign as:

  • Privacy – including mass surveillance and privacy protections
  • Access – including net neutrality and digital inclusion (supporting the 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion)
  • Censorship – promoting freedom of expression online
  • Digital Citizenship – promoting respect and tolerance and resisting bullying and harassment
  • Copyright – including enforcement activities and positive reform such as fair use

The EFA called for civil society organisations, commercial entities and individuals across Australia to support the 2016 campaign.

The EFA said its Digital Rights 2016 campaign will utilise the digitalrights.org.au domain name, as well as a dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts.


  1. Labor and Liberals are not interested in our rights.

    Any action will be lip service only the Greens are interested in any or this.

  2. Digital Rights, eh? Can my old flip-phone has rights too? Or is it only late model W10+ boxes?

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