Microsoft Surface 3 4G hits Australia this month


news Microsoft Australia has announced the Surface 3 4G LTE will soon be on sale at select outlets in Australia.

The announcement was made at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where Microsoft also detailed wider availability of the Microsoft Band and Surface Book.

The Surface 3, a thin lightweight tablet-combination-laptop, will now be available in a 4G LTE version from 28 January, 2016 at Microsoft Flagship Store Sydney, Microsoft Store online, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

Microsoft’s first ever laptop, the Surface Book became generally available in Australia exclusively through Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney and online Store on 12 November, 2015. From 28 January, availability will be expanded to retailers JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Pre-orders of the device commenced 5 January in-store and online at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

The Microsoft Band, a fitness wearable device, became available from 12 November last year, but was restricted to the Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney.

From 21 January, 2016, availability will be expanded to Microsoft Store Online and to other retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and select Rebel Sport stores, as well as Rebel Sport online. It also became available for pre-order on 5 January at Microsoft Store Online and Harvey Norman.

During the CES event, Microsoft took the chance to boast that Windows 10 has become active on over 200 million devices around the world in less than six months.

This gives Windows 10 the fastest growth trajectory of any version of the operating system, the firm said.

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  1. OK, let’s get this entirely straight:

    “During the CES event, Microsoft took the chance to boast that Windows 10 has become active on over 200 million devices around the world in less than six months.

    This gives Windows 10 the fastest growth trajectory of any version of the operating system, the firm said.”

    Windows 10 is so free and easy. So free. Like a bird. People like “free”. Even though technically Windows 10 is not free – it’s only free as an upgrade within a time limit.

    So tell me my fellow geeks of Delimiter Land, if you made anything free, such as a grand final, would you get a full crowd?

    Thinking music. Da dee dum da da.

    Well done. You said that you would get a full crowd. Clap clap. You are correct!! You win today’s prize of 4 extra Windows 10 tiles complete with exciting adverts for ug boots.

    The real test is yet to come. The moment of truth when people take the blue pill or the red pill will be when they need to install a new copy of Windows 10. Because guess what folks. It won’t be free then. Because it won’t be an upgrade. But people by then have had the free and easy Windows 10 life. So will they PAY money for the fantastic advertising billboard, the under 25’s hipster social media mall, that is called Windows 10? In fact this deserves a lone point:


    And that ladies and gentleman is the real game and the long game here with Windows 10 even if journalists such as that ZDnet dingbat are too thick or sycophantic to want to see it.

    Have a nice day. Personally I’m staying with Windows 7.

    • Let’s also ignore the fact that the take up rate of Windows 10 is only a fifth of what they expected, and that for several months the Windows 10 install base has declined as people roll back to their previous OS – surprisingly, both Win7 and Win8 users are doing this is almost equal measure.

      • One “have your cake and eat it too” option is a dual boot. I have a dual boot of Windows 7 and Windows 10. You just use your own burned in Windows 10 disk and enter your Windows 7 product ID when asked. I don’t know if a Surface would allow that. I’m using a desktop PC. I might not ever use Windows 10 but I have it there if I ever want to.

        Windows 10 is technically better than Windows 7. Downloading programs is easier. But it’s the tiles that nark me off. I want an operating system, not a tile and ad billboard. Sure. I could remove the tiles. But since updates are mandatory for Windows 10 unless you are of the Enterprise Nobility high class special ones, what on earth is there to stop Microsoft bringing the tiles back, or monitoring my Windows use so they see “hey, he uses X a lot” so I open X:

        “Now X will cost you 9.99$ for the basic version! Deluxe is another 5 dollars. Visit your Windows Apps Store today for this great deal!”

  2. Microsoft’s desire is to have everyone running Windows 10, so I’ve heard rumours through people like Mary-Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott that the Windows 10 upgrade will become compulsory later this year.

    Also, anyone who has upgraded to Windows 10 can reinstall it without having to pay for it. However, if you upgrade your PC, you need to buy Windows 10 then, as the install you have on your current PC is technically an “OEM” install, in that it is tied to your current hardware, and cannot be moved to new hardware.

    $380 to pre-order the Band 2 from the MS Store Online… Not too bad, but outside my budget.

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