Red Cloud to build $40m next-gen datacentre in Hobart


news Red Cloud Ltd, a data centre services provider, has announced it will build a $40-million, resilient, Tier-3 data centre in Hobart using proven state-of-the-art modular technology.

Notably, the facility will be the first Tier-3 data centre in Tasmania and should be completed within six to eight months, the firm says. Site selection is currently underway, with feedback currently being sought from local industry stakeholders.

According to Carl Woodbridge, CEO of Red Cloud, Tasmania is the “perfect location” for the facility, allowing the firm and its customers to “capitalise on reduced operating expenditure thanks to free air cooling and lower operating temperatures”.

“We are excited to be involved in a project which will be a significant economic driver for the business community in Tasmania,” said Woodbridge.

“The demand for outsourced infrastructure and cloud computing is continuing to expand worldwide,” he continued. “Providing a Tier-3 data centre with the highest level of resilience and security will enable Tasmanian ICT companies with the ability to deliver exceptional services without the latency typically encountered from the mainland.”

Using award-winning modular technology from UK-based Cannon Technologies, the centre will comprise of factory-produced modules housed in an existing industrial building, converted to include high levels of redundancy and security.

The modular technology permits high levels of agility and flexibility in design, effectively future-proofing the project. This, says Red Cloud, will ensure that Tasmania stays “at the forefront of the most advanced technology available at all time”.

The facility will scale with demand – starting with a modest footprint of 150-200 racks and 1Mw power, moving progressively to 600 racks and up to 4Mw. The firm says the new centre’s location will be selected to complement existing on-island Tier-2 data centres to ensure that Tasmania has an improved overall infrastructure.

Image credit: Ian Armstrong, Creative Commons


  1. Hopefully there will now be more incentive for a second Basslink and connection to APX Central.

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