DTO looking to create Govt cloud marketplace


blog If you’ve been following public sector IT for a while, you’re probably aware that Australia’s Federal Government has not precisely set the world on fire when it comes to its adoption of cloud computing platforms. Most Government CIOs consider the cloud a little risky, both for control reasons, but also because of data sovereignty issues. However, much of that may change, if Malcolm Turnbull’s Digital Transformation Office gets its way. InnovationAus reports (we recommend you click here for the full article) that a Government cloud marketplace could be on the way, based on a similar approach in the UK:

“The Digital Transformation Office is working on policy options to deliver more effective procurement outcomes for it $6 billion annual technology spend. One option being considered is thought to be the creation of a so-called Australian Government G-Cloud, a digital marketplace for commodity tech services that use the cloud.”

Although the Federal Government already has streamlined options for purchasing cloud computing services, I feel like this kind of initiative would be a positive step and would help to generate confidence from departmental secretaries and CIOs that they can feel safe in using the cloud. And anything that helps with that aim would be a positive thing — the Federal public being a notorious laggard when it comes to the cloud, or any new technology at all, really.