DTO seeks top execs to lead gov.au, Digital Marketplace


news The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) is seeking a top level executive to lead the new Digital Marketplace announced in the government’s Innovation and Science Agenda just two weeks ago.

A head is also being sought for the transformation of the gov.au web platform that is aimed to make it quicker and easier to access government services online.

Both roles are being advertised on the DTO careers web pages and are offered as being based in Sydney or Canberra.

The Digital Marketplace is a new initiative that the government hopes will level the playing field for large and small digital service providers when it comes to providing services to government.

The platform will be designed and built by the DTO, using an “agile and iterative approach”, the department said.

The advertised role of Head of Digital Marketplace is a key role in the DTO that will take charge of that process and create a “suitably qualified” team to execute this large scale project.

As a senior digital executive, applicants must have experience in procuring digital services at all levels.

“Superior negotiation skills, significant experience procuring digital services from a broad supplier base, an understanding of cutting edge technologies, and a keen strategic eye” are also required.

Key tasks will include building a team of “skilled and outcome-focussed professionals” to deliver the Digital Marketplace project within the required time frame, leading the design of an “innovative” procurement framework and leading the delivery of the Digital Marketplace procurement process. The latter will include information design, assessment of supplier bids, and negotiation and implementation of contracts for successful tenders.

The gov.au role will be to head “one of the largest and most visible transformation programmes in the federal government’s digital history”, the DTO said.

The new Head of gov.au will be required to ensure that “no user of government information or service needs to understand how government works, in order to do what they need to do”.

Applicants will require experience in leading and executing whole-of-government digital strategy and “exceptional” digital, programme management and stakeholder management skills in order to to lead the development of gov.au and whole-of-government transformation.

Key tasks will include developing a strategy to deliver a large-scale, online transformation program for millions of users; developing relationships with stakeholders across government to successfully drive the transition; leading the design, development and implementation of architecture and digital structures; and more.


  1. The new Head of gov.au actually has the hardest job in the Universe, forget about the warm fuzzy “no user of government information or service needs to understand how government works, in order to do what they need to do” because currently all that is in order: nobody knows how government works because all the Ministers in Parliament keep poking their grubby fingers in the pie to see how it tastes.

    No, the new Head must ensure total security in all gov.au websites, and most especially in mygov.au. He/she/it (He) must force all the GovWebWeavers to use current technology while accomodating _every_ “innovative” browser out there as well as some older ones; must not merely deprecate broken security models (eg: SSL) but actively bin and ditch them; and require somewhat more than using only one of three “secret questions”: random rotation through a minimum of 5 would be far better. And when clients still cannot make a connection, NO PERSON MAY TELL THE CLIENT WHAT THE SECRET ANSWER IS.

    Oh yes. Despite what various uneducated gurus say, AusPost is incompetent to run a “secure mailbox”. So the new Head needs to accomodate people like myself who already have a secure mailbox that recognises and uses DKIM, and recognises Received-SPF.

    I’d like the new Head to have significant qualifications in Computer Security, but I’d also like the PM (not just Malcolm 2X) to display a degree of altruism.

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