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hope you’re having a good week!

I’ve gotten a few enquiries as to Delimiter’s Christmas and New Year publishing schedule so I thought I’d publish a brief story explaining what we’ll be up to.

From today, 11 December, until 20 December, we’ll be easing into a ‘slowdown’ period. This means we’ll still be publishing, especially urgent news, but we’ll gradually be publishing less. I would expect 2-3 articles per day in this period. This is a fairly natural thing to happen, as although Australia’s technology sector has been pretty hopping with news over the past few weeks, from today things have slowed down a lot in terms of stuff to write about.

From 20 December until 5 January, Delimiter will not be publishing at all. There just isn’t much news during this period, and we’ve found that readers don’t come to the site often seeking news. Basically, you’re on holiday, we’re on holiday — it’s a whole holiday thing. Sure, if Telstra bought Optus, we’d report the news, if it was truly that urgent. But don’t expect much in the way of analysis.

From 6 January until 12 January, we’ll be in ‘ramp-up’ phase. This means we’ll gradually be ramping up the number and quality of stories we publish. We’ll be back to 2-3 per day.

We’ve been a bit infrequent over the past several weeks with new Delimiter 2.0 articles, and we apologise for that. However, don’t worry — Delimiter 2.0 still has three more major articles to publish this month. Tomorrow morning (Thursday), we’ll publish a lengthy examination of Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s first 100 days in office, giving the Liberal MP a report card on what he’s achieved in this first, critical period.

On Friday we’ll publish a detailed review of NBN Co’s Strategic Review document, which is to be released tomorrow. And next week we have another Delimiter 2.0 article coming. We’re kicking around a few topics, but haven’t quite finalised the subject yet. Delimiter 2.0 will re-commence publishing in the week of 6 January.

The spare time will be spent in the Delimiter office playing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (no PlayStation 4 or Xbox One yet), heading to the beach with the family and catching up on all the movies we missed during the year. Plus, we’ve got a stack of science fiction novels to get through.

We hope we’re not the only ones slowing down for Christmas! It’s been a blockbuster year for Australia’s technology sector. Next year promises more of the same. We need a break in between to catch our breath.


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. “From 20 December until 5 January, Delimiter will not be publishing at all” Wha.. but wha.. what will I read! :(

  2. This is unacceptable, I’m complaining to your editor!

    Serious, enjoy the relaxation, you’ve earned it.

    As a side request, have a quick look at Turnbulls efforts in Question Time today and see if its worth a OpEd or something. Light little piece maybe, to fill in those ever deepening gaps to come :)

  3. Don’t forget to buy the Boss a Christmas present. Otherwise you might get the professional equivalent of a ‘Dear John’ email.

  4. A happy Holidays to Renai, all the posters here and to the much maligned (including by moi) Stevo ‘the Big C’ Conroy! (not so much the same sentiments to Mal, Tony and the trogs, but they can afford their own good cheer, particularly our resident taxpayer funded dancing jester and librarian Georgy ‘Fun Boy One’ Brandis)…

    … oh and why a happy hols to Stevo C, who I have assaulted in text for years in the Whirlpool filter thread? Well in that regard I still consider him biggus dickus, but as my humble abode on the lovely Central Coast, just up the road from the home of the mighty Mariners, as of 6 pm today, proudly bears a brand new NBN box, it would be churlish not to thank him for making me one of these few, these happy few, these FTTH NBN’ers!

  5. and a merry christmas and safe, prosperous new year to you and yours as well, renai…

  6. Great, I’ll likely forget this post and your trafic will just show one person hitting refresh for days.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the break.

  7. Oh, please please please get the Strategic Review review done early tomorrow! I suspect it could set a record for comments…

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