Delimiter Christmas Party: 25 November


It’s been a big year for Delimiter and its publisher, LeMay & Galt Media! After launching in January this year, we’ve hit quite a few milestones:

And now it’s time to reveal the date of our first Christmas party! We’re not sure where it will be, but we’re going to hold it on the night of Thursday, November 25th. Keep that date free and stay tuned as we reveal more details over the next month.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our announcement video — dedicated to Matt Marlor‘s love of bacon.


  1. Regarding this bakin’ news, will there be online participation?

    If you haven’t got the web-vending chocolate machine fixed by that time, we’ll just have to BYO.

  2. You even used the same characters as the iPhone 4 vs. Evo 4G video, which made it several times more funny :D

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