1. I am beginning to dislike this country. There is NO national pride. For a start, all this spy bulldust happened during the ALP rule. Secondly the ABC boss needs to be fired and charged with treason. An arrest warrant should be out for Snowden whether we can get him or not. Robertson is just another lawyer who is determined to stir the pot against the national interest. The media is an absolute joke in this country. They no longer report news, they write opinion.
    National security is not for the bloody public. FCS Tony, get some laws in place to protect our Country. Jeez we skirt around the Indonesians as if butter wouldn’t melt in SBY’s mouth. Give over! What Australia does as an isolated, underpopulated, resource rich (really RICH) and in all reality defenceless country in terms of intelligence I am all for – and more.
    We have just about sold every piece of real estate and business asset to foreigners and some morons are hacking into Hockey for stopping the wheat board sale.
    The unions who blackmailed, bullied and bludgeoned their way in to a fair weeks pay for a less than fair days work are now offended when businesses collapse leaving them out in the cold. FCS!
    Australia is no longer home to me. Who the F is the “Pirate Party of Australia”? What good can they possibly do this Country.

  2. Wow, Grantley, your dudes won the election and you’re still angry to the point of insanity. You should really get that looked at – we have an excellent health care system in this country. For a few more months, at least.

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