Why NBN Co should finish Tassie FTTP rollout



blog If you’ve been reading Australia’s technology media recently, you will not have been able to escape the fact that quite a few people in Tasmania are more than a little bit unhappy about the fact that they may not get the Fibre to the Premises-based National Broadband Network they were promised. Well, as I argue on Delimiter 2.0 this afternoon (click here for the full, paywalled article), the FTTP-based NBN rollout should proceed as planned, due to the specific situation in the state. A sample paragraph:

“Malcolm Turnbull never specifically promised Tasmanians that the all-fibre NBN rollout in the state would be completed as originally planned. But if there is any one state in Australia that deserves to have a universal Fibre to the Premises National Broadband Network, it’s the Apple Isle, which has been a perpetual broadband backwater for the past decade and more.”

If you live in Tasmania, you are probably going to agree wholeheartedly with this article. If you don’t, then I would ask you to consider just how much more in the way of opportunities you have open to you than most Tasmanians, and consider whether it’s really that much of a big deal for the FTTP rollout to proceed to finalisation in the Apple Isle. Because I think it’s about time Tasmania got something to be proud of, beyond its hydro-electric powerstations, its amazing environment and its fantastic food and drink. Wait, that’s a lot. But it’d be nice to add universal fibre broadband to that already heady mix ;)

Image: Jens Buche, royalty free