Dual-mode LG G2 heading to Optus



blog If you were watching the debut of LG’s new G2 handset on Wednesday night, you might have gotten just the teensy little bit excited about the handset. And why not? It looks to be specc’d similarly to Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 model (not surprising, given both LG and Samsung hail from South Korea), with similar levels of software innovation to boot. Pop-over windows on Android? Revolutionary! Well, the good news is that Australians won’t have to wait too long for this one. A media release issued by LG yesterday tells us:

LG is also pleased to announce that their most impressive smartphone to date, the G2, will be made available to Optus customers on their new 4G network.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Optus to launch the LG G2 in Australia as it demonstrates our focus on delivering world class technology that compliments the specific 4G network requirements of Optus, and delivers a more compelling user experience. The R&D investments made by LG means that LG G2 will be one of only a very small number of new handsets this year that support Optus’ 4G LTE network strategy, which is being rolled out across Australia. Our commitment to allocating global R&D resources to a market like Australia is evidence of LG’s ongoing focus to build a strong local business in the premium end of the smartphone market,” added Jonathan Banks, Head of Mobile Communications at LG Electronics Australia.

Rohan Ganeson, Managing Director, Sales at Optus said, “We’re pleased to be bringing the LG G2 to Australia exclusively on Optus’ superfast 4G network with dual TD and FD-LTE technology. When the G2 hits Optus stores, scheduled for November, it will open the door to greater 4G capacity for data hungry Australians as the Optus TD-LTE network rolls out. Meaning more downloads, better browsing and faster streaming.”

As you may recall, Optus recently launched its dual-mode 4G network in Canberra, and is planning to roll out the network to other major cities around Australia in the next little while. And surprisingly, because this kind of dual network is not that common yet, it has already succeeded in getting good levels of handset support. Last month the SingTel subsidiary announced it would bring a dual-mode handset range from Samsung to the table, including the company’s Galaxy S4 and S4 mini models. This month it’s the LG G2. Good news for Optus customers — some very decent dual-mode handsets are going to be available.

Image credit: LG


  1. Optus to Canberrans: “Hey, we finally found you a third phone that you will be able to use our new TD-LTE network .. in November. Please buy it exclusively from us then, instead of online next month. Maybe late next year the iPhone6 will support TD-LTE too! Please don’t switch to Telstra 4G where you can already use the iPhone5 or any one of the dozens of other FD-LTE 4G phones available today!”

    Though perhaps the iPhone 5S (coming next month?) will have dual-mode 4G? I understand the world’s biggest mobile telco (China Mobile) uses TD-LTE and have been having words with Apple..

  2. Optus’s 4g network could potentially be superior to the oppositions established network over time as it’s rolled out.
    Data download on plan for both corporations is very expensive and at 4g speeds will be used up rapidly.
    Owning any of the 4g latest gen superphones in terms of connectivity speed offers very few advantages over generous 3g pre-paid options.
    That’s not to say that I wouldn’t want to own the LG G2, the Nexus 5 or a Blackberry Z30.
    It is time though, that as we move more toward mobile device usage, the large ISP’s become more charitable.

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