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blog Happy Friday everyone! Urgh … where is my coffee. It’s too early to be at work!! ;) Just a quick blog post to let you that we’ve listened very carefully to the feedback which people have been passing us about Delimiter 2.0 over the past week and a half since it launched. There were several common threads amongst the feedback in terms of the monthly subscription pricing.

Quite a few people wanted the monthly price of $9.95 to come down a little. While we’re still going to maintain that price, as it is already working very well, we’ve also now added a yearly subscription price of $89.95, which brings the monthly price down to $7.50 if you subscribe to Delimiter 2.0 on a yearly basis. If you’re already a monthly subscriber, you can easily cancel that subscription before you get charged next month, and re-subscribe at the yearly price to get the discount benefit. To meet the demand of one-off pricing for individual articles, we’ve also added an individual article price of $4.95. In other good news, this week’s Delimiter 2.0 article is up! It’s entitled ‘Getting away with blue murder: How the NBN distraction is covering Telstra’s crimes’. The first sample paragraph:

“The Federal Government’s rollout of the National Broadband Network is the greatest show currently playing in Australia; with constant gaffes from high-profile politicians, a war of words that would make make toughened bikies wince and giant red buttons that set off fibre-optic fireworks, at times it has seemed that all the NBN needs to be a complete circus is a canned laugh track. But under the cover of this madness and media hype, there’s another high-wire act under way: The nation’s other telco monopolist, Telstra, is successfully concentrating its market power; and that’s not good news for anyone.”

In terms of the wider success of Delimiter 2.0, it’s fair to say that the sign-up rate so far has easily exceeded our expectations. You can see that several of the articles, particularly our pieces on Malcolm Turnbull’s reputation and the recent issues with NBN Co’s board, have generated a substantial amount of reader debate in the comments. In addition, the site has already proved very successful at incentivising me personally to write more detailed and better articles. It’s been quite exciting working in this format, and I already have several articles in mind for the next month or so. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on articles this comprehensive or detailed, and I’m enjoying it a great deal ;) In any case, happy Friday and have a great weekend! As always, leave any feedback in the comments :)

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  1. Congratulations Renai, great to see it is proving successful for you! A question – do you expect to publishmore content from third party contributors on D1 now?

    • hey Charles, thanks for the kind words!

      No, I don’t expect to publish more third-party work on Delimiter 1.0 at this point. As previously mentioned, if the D2 revenues get to the point where they will justify reinvestment, that funding will be put back into D2, to reward subscribers. That will also align future investment with business growth, which is always the correct way to do it ;)



  2. D2 the mighty ducks.

    Given the subscription costs of sites elsewhere (I’m looking at you, Crikey) D2 is inexpensive.

    • I haven’t subscribed to D2 yet , still considering whether I spend $10/month. The annual rate might sway me, still considering… @Brendan , I pay $130 for a 12 month crikey subscription – so not really sure one could say that is expensive when comparing to D2.

      If you haven’t already Renai, have you considered offering some kind of partnership/promo with or feature in crikey? If I had the option to buy D2 as a bolt-on to my crikey renewal I reckon I would probably take it.

  3. any plans to change the name from Delimiter 2.0 to something a little less naff?

    perhaps “Delimited”.

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