Lumia 925 hits Australia this month



blog If you go back to Delimiter’s review of Nokia’s top of the range Lumia 920 model, you’ll find that we thought it an excellent smartphone, but handicapped to a fair degree by its weight and bulkiness. Well, Nokia was apparently listening to reviewers worldwide, and has recently launched a new high-end model with very similar specifications to the 920, but with a thinner and lighter aluminium casing. The Lumia 925, the Finnish manufacturer announced this morning, will launch in Australia “this month” through Telstra and Optus, as well as “all major retailers” (Allphones, Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Network Communications, Fone Zone and Leading Edge), for a RRP of $699. Here’s what the Verge had to say about the model in its review:

“Nokia has mostly nailed the design with the Lumia 925, but Windows Phone is holding it back … The Lumia 925 is the best Windows Phone you can buy right now, but compared to an iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 it’s still lagging behind on the software front.”

For our money, although we haven’t tested it yet, it’s looking like the Lumia 925 is very likely to become the new reigning king of Windows Phones when it launches in Australia later this month. However, the wider question is how it will go against the leading models from non-Windows Phone manufacturers — Apple and Samsung being the two out in front of the pack. Nokia’s previous Windows Phone models have been very strong in terms of their build quality and overall package. But I agree with The Verge — the software and the availability of third-party apps isn’t really there yet, and none of my friends that I know of has actually bought a Windows Phone recently. It’ll be interesting to see if the Lumia 925 can move that needle.

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  1. Its nice to see the 925 shed some bulk, but there’s too little difference between this and the 920 to be a big hit IMHO. The only Windows Phone model I have any interest in is the upcoming Lumia EOS with the same 41mp sensor as the Pureview 808 that ran Symbian (with half the bulk of that monster device too). It’s also rumoured to have dual Xenon flash + OIS, mechanical shutter, and all the bells and whistles of the Lumia 920/925. It’ll definitely be a bit bulkier, but if you’ve seen the picture quality the Pureview 808 produces, I think its worth the extra bulk for such a huge jump in smartphone camera picture quality.

  2. love that the codename for the 41mp camera one is “elvis”

    i honestly don’t get the people complaining about the 920’s weight…… it’s a non issue unless you compare it to some other smart phone (eg: s4) in your hands at the same time.. plus then everyone goes and puts a cover on their iphone / s3-4 ‘s anyway increasing the weight. you don’t need to do that with the lumia.

    even then.. i like the idea that i could club someone to death with my smartphone… love my lumia, haven’t missed the iphone 1 bit.

    Will have to think of a way of convincing the wife that i should be able to get the new 41mp one when it comes out :P

  3. oh and to add on..

    i think the comments regarding apps / software is a non issue. there’s probably one app i’d want that isn’t on windows yet – the afl one, apart from that – haven’t found a gap. (mac’s appstore and androids stores are full of total shite that’s probably never been downloaded)

    the win phone intergration with an exchange server at work is excellent to (i use email tonnes …) and have even found that i’ve replied to emails before getting back to my laptop etc..

  4. renai, can you list the apps that windows phone does not explicitly have that you think it needs?

    i keep hearing the ‘apps are holding it back’ argument, but have yet to see a list of apps that windows phone lacks.

    the ‘apps’ argument in regards to windows phone just doesn’t hold water any more. my thinking is that reviewers are just too ingrained with apple and android to give windows a second look when it comes to mobile, which is a shame, because it holds up very well IMHO (spoken as a former user of all three platforms).

  5. I had an HTC 8x for 6 months, swapped it for a Galaxy Note II.

    Loved most of windows 8 but just didn’t like the way the default messaging and email functioned or the social media integration.

    Apps weren’t an issue for me.

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