Photos: PM Gillard launches Macquarie datacentre


photo gallery Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched Macquarie Telecom’s new Sydney datacentre in Sydney last week. Macquarie is billing the facility, dubbed the ‘Intellicentre 2’ as Australia’s most advanced high-security datacentre. It cost $60 million to build.

“Very few businesses are able to protect their assets and data to the level of IC2,” said Macquarie’s MD of Hosting, Aidan Tudehope. “Our data halls are secured with mantraps only accessible with a fingerprint scan, a security code and a pass. The foyer glass is ballistic grade and the gates can stop a speeding car. The facility meets critical levels of information security in Australia, including ASIO T4 “Intruder Resistant”.”

If you’re interested in more details, you can find Macquarie’s media release on the launch here (PDF), and a list of specifications relating to the new facility here (PDF).

Image credit: Macquarie Telecom


  1. Macquarie have banked hugely on an NBN future, and what it means to open up markets great than our capital city CBD’s. I sincerely hope that Abbott, Turnbull and Co don’t stuff it up for all of us.

    Very keen to get inside of IC2 sometime soon, as IC1 is starting to look a bit tacky :-)

    • Yeah IC1 is a bit old at this point — I think this is an investment Macquarie would have had to make at some point anyway, with or without the NBN.

      • Conveniently, I got a call from my Macquarie AM today. Trip to IC2 lined up in a couple of weeks. Sweet.

  2. Ooh new dedicated hosting place! Now all we need is some of these in Western Australia!

      • Been there… Its just another data center… that charges way more than you will want to pay.
        I’d rather see a larger amount of cheap rackspace + power + network that doesnt claim to secure against rioters & direct attack by armed assailants than yet another overpriced datacenter where your buying space by the 48U rack because its ‘so secure’.

        • Yeah tell me about it, Perth is severly lacking on the dedicated hosting game. I’ve tried so many places and been let down time after time.
          Not very impressed with this Macquarie datacentre either, they were suppose to send me quotes days ago about pricing, heard nothing since speaking to them.

  3. I wonder what the carbon footprint of the DC is?
    I dont think planting a few weeds on top of the tan bank will offset the coal burnt to fuel this place.

    Surely the power bill must be huge


    • Lol. I work at the Opera House. I worked out one Opera – Just ONE- uses approximately 250Kw of power….and your average Opera is 2.5 hours. And that’s JUST the lighting for the Opera….there’s 5 other venues and the rest of the buildings power. Reckon a datacentre would use more than that ;-)

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