Photos: Fujitsu opens Perth datacentre with sake for all


IT services giant Fujitsu this week opened in Perth what it billed as the nation’s most advanced datacentre, signing up Commonwealth Bank subsidiary Bankwest as a key customer. The facility comprises 8000 square metres of tier three datacentre space, with three main general data halls and three smaller halls for companies requiring dedicated private suites.

To celebrate, the company went back to its Japanese roots, holding a traditional sake ceremony attended by visiting senior Fujitsu executive Kazuo Ishida, corporate senior executive vice president in charge of Fujitsu’s ICT services business; Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand chief executive Rod Vawdrey, Bankwest managing director Jon Sutton and Bankwest CIO Andy Weir.

Image credit: Tobey Black


  1. I know it’s a short news item … but…. Ever though about getting one of them dropmocks or type apps ? All the cool kids are doing it.

    ps: Where are they sourcing the power to run the datacenter from ? Energy + Datacenter = hot topic

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