LNP sacks 80 from CITEC


blog Not satisfied with terminating some 384 technology contractors already this year and running the axe over the IT department at the state’s education department, Queensland’s new LNP Government led by Premier Campbell Newman has now turned its attention to IT shared services unit CITEC. The Brisbane Times reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“brisbanetimes.com.au last night confirmed 80 jobs, not revealed in Tuesday’s state budget paper, will go from CITEC, the state government’s information technology arm.”

Queensland has also taken other measures in its efforts to cut IT-related costs across its operations. In a brief statement to Delimiter in July, Paul Campbell, executive officer of the state-funded ICT Industry Workgroup, confirmed that his office had had its funding cut, after a detailed report on ZDNet.com outed the situation. Also several weeks, new Queensland Technology Minister Ros Bates issued a media release noting that the state was planning to kick off a wide-ranging program aimed at cutting the amount of money it spent on printing. Bates said a senior level officer in each department would be assigned to manage and coordinate print services, including budget and consolidating print-related purchases.

It seems as if nobody working in IT right now in the Queensland Government is completely safe. I bet there are a lot of public sector technologists looking over their shoulder right now and trying to make sure they’re working on critical projects.


  1. Two things experience has taught me;
    1. at the end of their term the numbers will be higher than when they came into office.
    2. there are probably already more political staffers/aids/advisors than previously

  2. Sorry, Renai, but being a part of a critical project provides no immunity when it comes to the LNP… just look at what’s happened with QHealth.

    Even being a part of a project proven to lower crime rates (which you’d think conservatives would love, because it’s law and order) doesn’t provide immunity… just look at the cuts to Sisters Inside.

    Even being part of a program that earns money for the government *within their electoral term* doesn’t provide immunity… look at the cuts to Skilling Queenslanders for Work.

    This LNP government isn’t about public sector outcomes… it’s about public sector outsourcing.

  3. Looks like a reckless slash and burn to me.
    There are no politicians worth voting for, sack em all, and no pensions.
    After lunch, watch Kindergarden on TV, its called “Parliament Question Time” !

  4. How long do we have to wait before some Corporate “mates” of the LNP are awarded “nice” contracts for IT services or whatever. Conservative Governments always do this and are Labor Governments that much better? Certainly not in recent times. How come they can only “fix” things by slash & burn! They never seem to be able to “manage” it better. They always keep telling us how much better they are then the previous Government!
    Politicians need to be reviewed annually on performance & management ability by an Independent Authority & if found lacking terminated or pay back some of their lurks & perks! I’m dreaming of course, they are just too good at feathering their own nests!

  5. NSW and South Australia and busily pruning their trees as well. As with QLD, both these states have had spectaular failures in their internal ICT project managment. Victoria isn’t immune for these projects either. Failed, massive cost overruns, delivery failure. It is the story common to most states. We now even have the fed’s razor gangs running around.

    The driving wind is the financial position that revenue is down and not likely to come back for a reasonably long period. Those with more debt will suffer most – witness QLD. So if your state or federal ICT department has a poor track record it would be a fool government who wouldn’t have their sights trained on it at the top of the the pruning tree.

  6. NSW turn will be next? Any contractor in projects that is over budget or delayed should be really afraid right now.

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