Office 365 juggernaut hits ANU


blog Qantas, Mr Rental, Fortescue, Coles, Curtin University, a slew of local non-profits and more: The list of Australian organisations to announce that they’re deploying Microsoft’s Office 365 software as a service productivity suite is growing day by day. And now, according to iTNews, the Australian National University has added itself to that list. The publication reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“The Australian National University (ANU) will deploy Microsoft Office 365 to staff in a bid to consolidate disparate email systems into a single cloud-based offering this year.”

While Google has had some of its own victories — a notable one being uber-publisher Fairfax Media — we suspect, as it was in the cloud email stakes in the education sector, Microsoft is ahead when it comes to the adoption of cloud-based office productivity suites in Australia. From the perspective of many people, we suspect, it just makes sense to stay with Microsoft as the switch to the cloud occurs gradually within Australian organisations. The Office/Exchange/Active Directory/Windows/Server/Lync/SQL Server/Kitchen sink stack is proving highly attractive to local organisations small and large, and that monolith will no doubt prove hard for rivals like Google to shake.

Image credit: Microsoft, Creative Commons


  1. When I worked at the ANU in the early noughties, the central IT staff told me they had identified 53 active mail servers on campus… looks like they have finally done something about it :-)

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