iPad Sydney queue video: First in line


Rahul Koduri is first in line to buy an Apple iPad at Sydney’s Apple store. He works in a Telstra shop, studies engineering and develops iPhone and iPad apps.

He’s been lining up since 2AM on Thursday morning, arriving after watching the State of Origin!

The quality of today’s Apple Store videos may improve over time as they are still being processed by YouTube.


  1. Hey Rahul,

    You didn’t have to wait till now to get an iPad.
    Several of my friends in Sydney have had their iPads since they were released in the States – ordered and shipped overnight Express the same day they came out there. They are great and so fun to play with. I hope you enjoy yours.

    • Heh I think Rahul was after the experience as much as anything else :) As many ppl have pointed out, there were other shops apart from the Apple Stores where you could buy the iPad on launch day … shops like Myer and Dick Smith that didn’t have queues. But being first in line and lining up for more than 24 hours is like a rite of passage for geeks these days ;)

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