Turnbull “gets” the NBN, claims Oakeshott


blog Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has stated that he would be more willing to deal with a Coalition Government led by Malcolm Turnbull than Tony Abbott, due, among other reasons, to the fact that Turnbull “gets” the need for the National Broadband Network project to go ahead. The Australian reports (click here for the full article):

Mr Oakeshott said it was not “for mischief”‘ that he wanted to speak first with Mr Turnbull, but because many Liberal and Nationals MPs believed in the policy merits of an emissions trading scheme and a National Broadband Network that delivered fibre to the regions at city prices, both of which “I know that Malcolm gets”.

It’s not the first time that it has been claimed that Turnbull has a hidden passion for the NBN project, despite the fact that Opposition Leader Abbott ordered the MP to “demolish” the NBN initiative when he was appointed Shadow Communications Minister in late 2010. In February 2011, an executive from national broadband provider Internode claimed Turnbull secretly “loves the NBN as a concept”, due to his nature. “Deep down, he’s a technocrat”, Internode executive John Lindsay said at the time.

Image credit: Office of Malcolm Turnbull


  1. Is that slightly forced smile due to other end of the blue Ethernet cable being unplugged as per Coalition policy?

    (Turnbull grinds his teeth as his wireless reconnects for the 5th time this morning?)

  2. @Myke, of course the Ethernet cable looks good but is not connected to anything.

    As we know, that’s official coalition policy for the whole NBN.

  3. “that delivered fibre to the regions at city prices”

    Ha, good to see The Australian still sneaking their agenda into an otherwise largely unremarkable story :-)

  4. oakeshott would support anyone to save his skin. Lets hope Abbott will know how to deal with this loser. Turnbull should challenge …. Gillard, thats theonly way to become the Leader. Otherwise he should resign

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