Bill Gates hits Sydney for family holiday


blog The Sydney Morning Herald has a rather juicy article this morning about Bill and Melinda Gates and their family arriving down under for a little vacation. Hitting pricey restaurants, harbour cruises, staying at luxurious mansions kitted out with all kinds of electronic gadgetry — just another day in Sydney for the Gates, reportedly:

“On Friday, Gates was attempting to avoid being photographed aboard a luxury cruiser on the harbour. He was later seen disembarking with a jacket over his head, attempting to evade recognition with little success.”

One wonders whether the former Microsoft head honcho plans to spend any time razzing up the local troops? A visit by Gates could provide quite inspirational to some. Drop us a line through our anonymous tips line if you have any inside goss on what the Gates cavalcade is up to, and the same if you can grab any happy snaps of the Gatesmeister in action.

Image credit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


  1. I’m really surprised you are jumping on the bandwagon – the guy is retired and trying to have a family holiday.

    I don’t think this is either news or fair game… and i’m pretty sure if i was in a similar position i’d be pretty pissed off that going around the world to spend Christmas with my family was being jumped all over as if i was staying next door to a British Tabloid Mothership…

  2. I love the guy a true legend in tech eyes. Good on him for spending some time with his family in the most beautiful city in the world..( except for the traffic )

  3. Exactly, this is more news worthy than any Kim ShamWedding Kardasian visit.

    Bill and Melinda Gates are giving away 90% of their billions of dollars in wealth to end some of the worst diseases in the world.

    Steve Job never did that and actively cancelled all of apples Philantropic programs… *cough* karma *cough*

  4. Start a new trend in journalism…
    Give us some NEWS. A man on holiday with his family in Sydney = NOT NEWS.
    Tabloid vulchers circling a family on holiday… give us a break will you.
    Go and help find that bloke Malcolm Naden that’s been on the run in NSW for 6 years.
    Get real.

  5. Bill Gates boosting the Australian economy where the Mums and Dads are employed- ya for him, boo for the media for keeping him out of the shops.

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