Um, HP? You might want to kill the TouchPad ads


Um, HP? You might want to stop advertising the TouchPad, seeing as your exclusive Australian partner Harvey Norman has now run out of stock following the $98 fire sale and you’re not planning to make any more. I know it’s short notice, but surely something can be done about this series of ads plastered around the country?

Image credit: Martin Aungle, used with permission


  1. Heh, yeah, they’re all around the city still… I see at least four on my way to work.

    • well judging by the pic on your blog, HP arent averse to a little bit of waste =P They probably still have another run of advertising to go yet lol

  2. I don’t think we had any TouchPad advertising in Hobart. TV, billboards, bus stops or or otherwise (I had to watch the infamous Russell Brand commercials on YouTube). Clearly we weren’t seen as a big enough market by HP, which was why there was only about 100 in stock at our two Harvey Norman stores (which sold out in 10 minutes). They could have sole at least another 500 down here given all the unhappy campers in line who missed out.

    Hilarious they’ve still got ads up for $599. That’s pre-dating the initial price drop, let alone the fire sale pricing! How hard would it be to send an HP trainee around the city to remove them? Show some pride and organisational skills for once HP!

  3. that looks like Elizabeth St, Hyde Park.

    and that bus must be the 888 going to Star City.

  4. My guess is that the ads were organised by Harvey Norman. And they were probably scheduled at some time in the past before all the cancellation (I’m sure there is a big lead time for advertising).

  5. there is one outside the big fanboy fruit shop on George st. That must make the blue people inside lol anytime they feel really bad about working for such a shocking company

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