Lenovo kicks off mega four-day sale


deal of the day Over on our sister site, Delimiter Marketplace, we’ve just reported that Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has kicked off an extensive four-day sale on its popular ‘Think’-branded laptops, PCs, workstations and servers. Australian customers can to pick up discounts of up to 30 percent, depending on what they buy. Not bad for a weekend special … especially if it’s on an X1, which is a little overpriced for the Australian market, but is a sweet little machine.

Image credit: Lenovo


  1. Their W520 is still 50% more than on their USA site after the “discount”. Rack this one up along Apple for price gouging. The prices below compare a higher specced machine from the US (both W520)

    Australian price: AUD $1826 inc GST. (HDD 250GB)
    USA price: USD $1299 (HDD 500GB)

  2. And are Lenovo Aust still only offering 1 year warranty while the US equivalent models get 3 years? I wouldn’t know because I don’t buy from Lenoverpriced in Aust any longer.

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