Internode chief’s bitter NBN pill


blog So it appears that not everyone in Australia’s telecommunications sector was as thrilled by the news last Thursday that Telstra and Optus had signed huge deals with the National Broadband Network Company to migrate their customers onto its fibre infrastructure. There was no doubt that NBN Co was shouting its news to the world:

But Internode managing director Simon Hackett, no stranger to interacting with NBN Co over Twitter, couldn’t resist filing this little jab:

NBN Co didn’t respond, but Hackett didn’t seem to expect an honest answer:

And this concluding tweet may perhaps sum up Hackett’s entire view about the NBN strategy as a whole at the moment:

Looks like that rapprochment between Internode and NBN Co may have been more in the nature of a temporary ceasefire after all ;)

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  1. Hmmmm, that’d be fun to watch Simon rain on NBN’s parade accross SA. The NBN would really have to be on their toes to keep up the excellent work the guys in Agile do.

  2. That would be the wimax network built with government subsidy all the way? No doubt Internode has put up millions of it’s own capital but Simon has said himself it wouldn’t be there without government funding.

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