AngelCube: Melbourne’s mysterious new tech startup incubator


blog Know anything about it? Nope. Well so far we know a little — just that Adrian Stone, a former chief executive and IBM’er, is involved. Here’s his About.Me profile.

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  1. Hi,
    We were an unsuccessful entrant of AngelCube so perhaps put this comment in this context.

    I think it’s a good program but perhaps do some of your own research into the people currently involved. They are self-promoting themselves as hotshot tech “entrepreneurs” but there’s no evidence online that anyone on AngelCube has any tech industry success. They are more like “textbook” experts – they read lots of text books and hope to one day write some good textbooks about what they see as being successful but have had no personal success in the industry.

    Andrew Birt promotes himself on his linkedin profile as an “entrepreneur”. He works for universities and only has a “Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Swinburne University”.

    Adrian Stone promotes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” that has “taken comapnies from Australia to USA”. I think he’s referring to the funeral insurance company “sureplan” he ran for 17 years? Is that the only business he sold to an american company? If we had a dollar for every time someone calls themself a serial entrepreneur…

    Nathan Sampimon went to Swinburne University, and runs a website design company Insprie9. Website design is the current “hot thing” of Australian entrepreneurial activities. umm yeaaaa

    Richie Khoo went to Flinders University… umm nuff said

    sorry guys this isn’t to be a nasty post, they’re big boys, rich boys, that i’m sure dish out lots of criticism to other companies so i’m sure they can take the scrutiny on themself. My only advice is do your own homework on the AngelCube team before speaking to them, then at least you can put the things they are saying to you in perspective. The last thing you’d want to do is bring on equity partners that purport to have a ton of “serial entrepreneur” experience and really they’ve just read a few textbooks, sold a funeral business and done some rehashed 1990s style web design ventures. They are not iphone android app experts by any stretch and I think it’s dishonest for themselves to present themselves as such.

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