AngelCube opens 2014 startup intake



blog I just wanted to post a quick note to let readers know that AngelCube, the Melbourne-based startup accelerator, has opened the doors for applications for its 2014 intake. If you don’t know about AngelCube but you are interested in starting your own IT startup, you had better familiarise yourself quickly, because you only have a few days to file your entry.

AngelCube invests $20,000 in early-stage technology companies and provides mentorship, co-working, demo-days in Australia, Silicon Valley and New York. Founded in 2011, the company has invested in 17 companies since September 2011. A few choice quotes from — Nathan Sampimon, cofounder AngelCube, in the company’s media release:

“This year AngelCube is looking for startup teams with a track record of shipping great product, a big vision for a globally-scalable product idea and a strong passion.

With the success of LIFX and from the 2012 batch it was unclear how the 2013 batch would stand up. But seeing teams like Coinjar, Tablo and c8apps emerge from the program, raise funding rounds and experience the growth they have has been truly remarkable. With our investor and advisor connections growing all the time, more high-calibre mentors coming into the AC network and more awareness of what AngelCube can do for startups it’s only going to get better for teams coming into the program. There’s no reason the 2014 batch shouldn’t be our most successful intake yet.”

There really is no greater time to get involved in a startup company at this point. If, like I was when I started Delimiter in January 2010, you’re tired of being bossed around at big companies and want to pave your own way, a startup is a great way to do so. I can safely say that you’ll learn amazing skills and go on a fantastic journey with your own company. The path less travelled is often by far the more interesting.

Also, don’t be afraid of failure. As the startup veterans at local startup consultancy Pollenizer are fond of saving, every time you fail, it’s just another learning experience. They’ve coined the term “flearn”, for failing and learning. Most entrepreneurs fail many times before they get their model right eventually. I certainly have failed a bunch of times with Delimiter, but ultimately things have come out well ;)

Image credit: Clix, royalty free