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How would you define cloud computing to a child or non-technical relative?

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  1. Son, Cloud Computing is like getting water directly from the clouds whenever you want without having to wait for it to rain.

  2. Cloud computing is a service – like what your telephone company provides. You don’t have to worry about looking after the physical computer, like you don’t have to worry about looking after the telephone wires in the street – you just use and pay for the service.

  3. Could computing is hiring a big car to take on holiday and not complaining about the size of spaces in the shopping centre car park

  4. Ahh yes.. Cloud computing is….when…ermm…computers….internet.. Oh I don’t know, go Google it son.

  5. I had a requirement to do this for work yesterday

    To consumers you need to contextualise it

    So I used:
    Facebook is a good example of an In the Cloud Application

    You could substitute anything for Facebook. But Facebook is known and understood by everyone. And if you don’t think it is a cloud application or service, you are holding it wrong

    (note I blogged on this last night – shameless plug)

  6. Cloud computing is the way people used computers since the 1960’s, only with snazzier labels.

    I miss the old IBM consoles and playing Star Trek on a unix mainframe

  7. My answer(s) are:

    “Cloud computing is when you can turn off your computer and it stays on the Internet without huge electricity bills”

    “Cloud computing is when you can have a cheaper computer, but the speed and power of a really expensive one”

    “Cloud computing is when you never have to worry about a virus or it breaking down, as your computer is kept running smoothly by the people who run ‘the cloud'”

    Hope I win!


  8. Cloud computing is like renting a car. You get the biggest size you need/afford, but can easily upgrade to a bigger one and then downgrade again without worrying about any residual payments.
    And like a rental car, you can treat it however you like, because it’s not you who has to fix it when you go from 5th to reverse at 110kph :)

  9. Cloud computing is like Mary Poppins has all your songs in her umbrella and if you enter the right Login/Password combo she’ll give it back.

  10. cloud computing is you using the internet and some one else is doing all the hard work….the programming bit and the storage bits

  11. In the past all of your work and information was stored on the computer in front of you, cloud computing is when that information is stored on the internet, so you can access it anywhere in the world.

  12. On sunny days we have no work. When it rains we’ve done a good job. Storms…even better.

  13. We’ve brainstormed this at Saasu :-)

    Cloud computing explained for children and non-technical relative….

    “Big companies that own thousands of computers sell you some of that computer power to use for your projects like building spaceships and cool games.”

  14. Imagine the internet is a big cloud. Cloud computing means that all of your data is stored in that big internet cloud rather than down on earth. So when you access any files, you’re doing it through the cloud.

  15. Wow there are some excellent responses so far (and some just on the right side of WTF?) But I think we’re all agreed, it’s no so easy when you think about it… ;-)

  16. It is like the bank. They keep most of your money with them and you have a little in your wallet!

  17. Cloud computing is like modern weather. We have a hole in a virtual ozone layer that opens and closes based on energy usage. When we use too much energy, the hole gets bigger, the computers get hotter and the clouds get big and stormy. If we are not careful, the computers might overheat and shut down. But when we share the cloud nicely with everyone, the hole gets smaller, everyone gets to run their computers when they need them, and the clouds get soft and fluffy.

  18. When you mother says clean up your toys, you hide them in the clouds but can get them back anytime you like – that’s cloud computing!

  19. Cloud computing are like when we go to Gran’s for dinner. You get everything you like for dinner but Mummy and Daddy don’t have to do the dishes.

  20. Cloud computing is like having a mistress that does all your washing, cleaning and cooking – leaving your wife refreshed and in the mood for …. fun.

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