Winner announcement: Ninefold competition


hey everyone,

you may remember that together with our friends at Australian cloud computing company Ninefold, Delimiter recently ran a competition. The prize was an iPod Nano and strap, as well as a Ninefold t-shirt and $100 credit to use on Ninefold virtual servers and cloud storage.

To win, readers had to answer the question: How would you define cloud computing to a child or a non-technical relative?

We received some awesome and *ahem* interesting answers, ranging from references to Mary Poppins to building spaceships ;) However, ultimately there could only be one winner. We’re happy to announce the prize goes to Steven Herod, for his explanation of cloud computing (with a little grammatical error, but still good!):

Cloud computing are like when we go to Gran’s for dinner. You get everything you like for dinner but Mummy and Daddy don’t have to do the dishes.

Congrats Steven — hope you enjoy your prizes! And we like the idea of not having to do any dishes ;)