Five reasons Australians should buy an iPad 2


blog So it looks as though our post earlier today giving five reasons why Australians shouldn’t buy an iPad 2 has caused a bit of a stir out there, with an energetic discussion kicking off on Delimiter itself and on Twitter. In addition, our good friend Anthony Agius over at MacTalk has decided to take us on with a bit of a longer post outlining five reasons why Australians should buy an iPad 2.

A sample from Agius’ excellent response:

“I live in Melbourne, Australia. I want to buy a tablet computing device. Hmm, let’s see, what to buy, what to buy. Oh, Telstra’s wonderful TouchTab thingy? Pass. Some chinese OEM turd running Android from Officeworks? No thanks. Right now and not until the end of the year, nothing will be available locally that is even close to the iPad 2 in terms of usability, 3rd party ecosystem, availability or price. Even then, a few months after the competition releases their device, Apple will spit out iPad 3.”

The battle is on — cynical journalist versus Apple enthusiast at ten paces. Royal rumble!

Image credit: Shinkai, Creative Commons


  1. Cool. I get to crosspost on delimiter on something not NBN….

    One reason why you should buy an iPad 2.

    It’s closer to the iPad 1 you actually wanted.

    3rd time is the charm.

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