WA Health hearts Yammer


blog When it comes to internal corporate social networking tool Yammer in Australia’s public sector, it looks like you either love it, or you ban it.

We know from a recent post on the excellent blog of local e-government specialist Craig Thomler that one Federal Government department recently banned Yammer (although we don’t yet know which one), but in Western Australia’s Health department it appears they can’t get enough of the good social network.

Quoth WA Health workers Lizanne Sivapalan and Tarun Weeramanthri on Crikey health blog Croakey:

“… [we] commenced a trial with 240 staff in the WA Health Public Health Division in May 2010 … The site is easy to use, and within a few months, we reached almost 700 members, signalling that many outside the Public Health Division, but within WA Health had been invited and joined.”

No doubt this is welcome news to Simon Spencer, Yammer’s newly appointed general manager of its Asia-Pacific operations, whose ears in his office in Melbourne must be buzzing right about now with Yammer implementations all around Australia.

What’s that, you didn’t know Yammer had an Australian presence? You do now. Spencer’s even been on a local webinar with Deloitte Digital internet god (or maybe Mick Jagger’s illegitimate lovechild, we can’t quite decide yet) Pete Williams.

We’re on a horse.

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  1. Renai, we are really excited by the interest and adoption that Yammer is getting in Australia and APAC, in small business, enterprise and particularly government circles. While I dont think its appropriate for me to comment in detail on the specific federal department that has recently blocked Yammer, I can appreciate their quite specific concerns given the nature of their work. None the less do think that there is room for further dialogue in the new year to work through the broader questions that would be on their mind regarding the secure use of a cloud based services like Yammer. Yammer today is securely used to help Banks, Research institutions, Pharma,Healthcare, Telecom and Government departments collaborate, leverage their staff and drive a real change in how people work and deliver value.

    A direct link to a recording of the Forrester / Deloitte webcast is here: http://bit.ly/g8wX1F

    Simon, GM APAC, Yammer.

  2. I work at an SEO (state owned enterprise) and we’ve got Yammer here. Its not widely used as I’d say allot of the people here are older and don’t understand the need/uses of something like it

  3. Yammers security is a joke. Ive heard about multiple companies losing their data. No bank is really going to share info given their track record.

  4. Simon, if you can send me some details of what you are referring to I will follow up. Simon AT Yammer-inc dot kom.

    I have come out of the banking industry and have been close to the IRA and other risk assessment processes that Yammer has been put through. I think they have a very solid story to tell and plenty of our very large (and not ao large) clients clearly agree.

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from you via email.

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