Does Yammer still have momentum in Australia?



blog It’s been more than a year now since Microsoft bought enterprise social networking company Yammer, and while there was a great deal of hype around the company’s corporate offering at the time, we’ve really seen very little in the way of publicly known deployments in Australia since that time. To be honest, I’m not sure where corporate social networking is at the moment in Australia, but I think it’s fair to say, at a minimum, that Yammer appears to have lost a little of its momentum in the area. Perhaps the first rollout we’ve seen in a while comes in news from iTNews today with regard to Adelaide City Council. The outlet reports (we recommend you click here for the full article):

“Adelaide City Council is one month into a pilot of Office 365 and Yammer as it looks to enable a more mobile workforce … The pilot follows the council’s successful deployment of Microsoft Lync 2013 to replace its PABX, boosting video conferencing and instant messaging features.”

I am aware that Microsoft is currently working to integrate Yammer’s functionality into its other products — particularly collaboration platforms like Sharepoint, but also its wider Office and Office 365 products. However, I don’t think the company has done enough yet to demonstrate how it will integrate Yammer successfully. If we don’t start seeing more pilots of this kind in Australia over the next year or so, I’d be questioning whether the acquisition was a success at all.

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  1. We use Yammer a lot at my place of employment (large corporation, >25k employees); we are encouraged to share our thoughts and tidbits of news, and higher ups hold Q&A sessions. As for whether it is successful or not, I’d say it’s been generally well received, although most people I talk to do not have time for it, including myself.

    • I have had the CEO of our company wade in on more that one occassion and follow up to ensure issues are resolved.
      I think it is great.

  2. We use it a lot although technically our HQ is in the US and not Oz. It’s a brilliant tool for knowledge sharing and interactions with colleagues globally.

  3. You’ve got two things going on. Bitrix24 and it’s clones are taking a byte on the lower end of the market, because they are essentially free and sometimes have more functionality than Yammer itself. And Jive, IBM and Chatter are moving from enterprise to midmarket. So there is really no future for Yammer, unless they make it free like Bitrix24 or Asana.

  4. I’m mostly with Nathan on this – the market here in Australia is changing, but so is Yammer. I wouldn’t write them off just yet, or rather I wouldn’t write off the sector they represent.

  5. We have reinvigorated yammer over the past few months and conribution has significantly increased. YOu need topics and content to keep people coming back and after a while it starts to snowball with people putting their own content on it.
    that said, what is a big part of yammer that people keep asking for, and to give it legitimacy , is have the CEO or high level leaders comment on it

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