Delimiter is hiring for a news journalist


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make you aware that Delimiter currently has a position open for a graduate journalist to join the company and work from our offices in Sydney. Essential facts about the position:

  • It is currently part-time (3-4 days a week). But we are rapidly growing. The role could quickly expand for the right person.
  • Applicants will need to have a degree in journalism or media and communications
  • The position is strictly for a news journalist — this position will not cover reviews, opinion pieces or feature articles
  • The successful application will work from our offices in Randwick, Sydney
  • Interest in the technology sector is preferred but not essential

If you’re interested in the position, please drop me an email to with a cover letter outlining why you want to work as a news journalist for Delimiter, a copy of your resume and two referees who are editors who have published your work. In addition, please attach four samples of your writing at a length of 500 words or less each.

Applications which do not meet these requirements will be instantly rejected.

A shortlist of applicants will be drawn up, and only those applicants will be contacted about the role. Those applicants will be put through a two-step practical exam to test note-taking skills and speed and quality of writing. Following that test, interviews will be held for candidates who progress.

I don’t want anyone to be under any illusions about this job. Delimiter is a fast-paced environment and the successful candidate will need to be able to publish 2-3 news articles a day to spec and work independently on tasks. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. In addition, this is strictly a news journalist job — if you are not personally dedicated to becoming a news journalist, don’t bother applying.

On the flipside, the rewards for working at Delimiter are many. You’ll be intimately involved in many of the biggest news events in Australia’s modern history and will have access to daily training from one of the nation’s most prolific technology journalists. And our syndication arrangements ensure your byline will appear across many different mastheads.

Image credit: Delimiter


  1. A degree in Journalism?

    I have a piece of toilet paper I took from Macquarie Uni. thats equivelent to a B.A isnt it?

    I also made witty remarks using historical figures like Lord Blackadder and Sir Humphrey Appleby.

    PICK ME!!!

  2. If that’s the Randwick office, and you’re asking for three pieces of copy a day, you’re kidding.

    Darryl, by Delimiter’s lofty standards you’d never get a gig as your grammar is substandard.

  3. Why are you being one of those guys that can’t respond to applicants? If people go to the trouble of applying in a way that meets spec, but isn’t up to your expectation, the least you can do is show them the professional courtesy of a response, however you choose to deliver or automate it.


    • Because last time I advertised for a journalist I got hundreds of applicants, and I don’t have the time. I’m sorry — that’s the reality. If you want to be a journalist in 2010, you gotta fight for it and not expect much help.

  4. I love this part of the description: “The position is strictly for a news journalist — this position will not cover reviews, opinion pieces or feature articles”

    Gen Y alarm by chance??

    Love it!!

      • With the dearth of real journalism in the MSM, hopefully this will bring the keen ones out of hiding.

        Have you read the Australian recently?


        One thing I really like about Delimiter is that it appears to be sincerely interested in the facts.

  5. So quick he never has the time to delete the porn spam from the forum…

    Seriously… Just bin the dam thing. It annoys me to see it on site which is, you know, professional.

    • I’m sorry this has become a problem — I tried to set some security controls on the forum, but it doesn’t appear they worked. Looking at it now. As a first step I’ll delete the spam.

  6. Does anyone know if this position is still available?

    Journalism graduate (who loves writing news copy) ready and waiting to send off her resume if it is!!

  7. I’ve been a journalist for 40 years. In this day and age, how come you have to work from an office? Whatever happened to that much-blurbed concept of being able to work anywhere in this “cyber age”. It seems floorspace still rules. Maybe it makes bosses feel more important have minions at desks. I used to be an exec, among many other things, in this business and don’t understand why the idea of “online employees” has turned out to be a myth. Search online for jobs online and you will be disappointed.

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