Some Delimiter housekeeping


hey everyone,

hope you’re having a great week!

Just a quick note to let readers know that for the next couple of weeks I’ll be getting some assistance with Delimiter from long-time and very experienced technology journalist David Braue (you may have noticed his byline on a few stories already today). You can also find him on Twitter at @zyzzyvamedia. It’s been a very busy several months, with the Coalition releasing its NBN policy and a number of other hot news items and reviews taking up my time.

With the need to have a brief break in mind, David has agreed to steward Delimiter for a bit. We’ll have a reduced frequency of article posting, but still have articles each day. I’ll pop in and out with a few pieces here and there, but will largely be giving my writing fingers a break from the keyboard. Most other things around the site should go on as per normal.

Be gentle! :)


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter


  1. I’d just like to say, great choice with David Braue. He’s a very respectable journalist.

    • Cheers – yeah, he’s one of the Australian journalists that I respect the most, and I’ve learnt a lot from his writing over the years. There’s a bit of history here — when I was at ZDNet, I started the Full Duplex telecommunications blog, which he took over when I left :) He also knows the enterprise IT area very well, as well as the gadget scene. There’s very few journalists in Australia who have the breadth and depth of his knowledge and experience .

    • Respectable, eh? Perhaps we should do a follow-up poll when I wrap up this little stint, and see if I have managed to change your opinion… Oh, wait a minute…

      Anyhow: thanks for the kind words, and hello all!

      It’s great to be onboard, and I’m looking forward to easing into Renai’s well-worn editor’s chair for a little while. And putting my feet on his well-worn editor’s desk. Although I am reliably informed that if I so much as look at his editor’s mug the wrong way, I may lose a digit. We shall see.

      In the meantime, sit back, relax, enjoy the stories, shout out if you’d like anything, and comment away, comfortable and happy that if you step out of line I will be onto you with the Delimiter Cudgel of Doom before you can say “fraudband”. Oh, the power, sweet power.


  2. Excellent news!! David seems to have a knack for drilling down the the heart of an issue and nailing it.

    Have a nice break Renai :o)

  3. Hi David…

    Renai, if your break is due to some RSI, and I hope not, try Dvorak as a keyboard layout. I know it’s kind of out there (and is going to involve a slow period), but it’s helped me immensely.

  4. I am sure David will maintain his consistent and principled stance re the NBN… irrespective of the principles of liberalism, free markets or the rollout situation at the time of the next election, so I look forward to his tenure…

    • Thanks Duke and yes, I certainly will. If there’s one thing both Renai and I agree on (and there are actually many things), it’s on the value of presenting the facts (which aren’t always the same as what the pollies are feeding us) and letting them speak for themselves.

      As we all here know too well, those facts sure do have a lot to say – and it’s great that everyone here is so engaged as well. Lurkers at Delimiter include those same people making the policies we’re discussing, so don’t hold back!

      The NBN truly is the camel of the telecomms industry – you know, as per the old bon mot: A camel is a horse designed by a committee.

      Might we then say: “the NBN is a USB cable designed by politicians”?

        • Beer fridge? He didn’t mention the beer fridge – only the vague promise of lawyers, guns and money.

          Renai, I’m afraid we may have to renegotiate.

          • We can negotiate on the road — I’ve just received a lucrative commission to cover the Mint 400 motorcycle race in Las Vegas — all expenses paid. We’ll need to rent an expensive Cadillac and outfit ourselves with the very best in expensive, quasi-legal pharmaceuticals. You will be acting as my attorney, although I must warn you in advance that the Nevadans are racists — your ethnicity may be called into question.

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