Our first Delimiter sponsor


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to publish a quick post to make you aware of a new feature we’ve switched on at Delimiter over the past week: Site sponsorships.

Over the past seven months since we launched, we’ve had a few enquiries from folks who wanted to sponsor Delimiter. But we wanted to take things slow on that front — mainly because the market is complicated, and we wanted to work out how to introduce sponsors on the site without annoying all you readers.

(after all, there are quite a few sites out there with really annoying sponsorship formats — like video ads that start playing automatically!)

After quite a bit of thinking and testing, we think we’ve got the model right. This is how we think it will work:

  • We anticipate taking only one site sponsor at a time, generally for a period of a month
  • That sponsor will receive one placement in the right-hand column of every Delimiter page (a bigger placement on the front page) for that period
  • They will also receive a placement on our social news aggregator site, Delinker
  • They’ll also be able to place their image as the backgrounds to the @delimiterau and @renailemay Twitter pages
  • Similar to a radio sponsorship, once a week we’ll promote the sponsor through the @delimiterau Twitter account, and once a month through the @renailemay account. These tweets will be clearly marked as advertisements.

We think this system will give the sponsor good value and exposure, while also making sure readers aren’t swamped with banners and so on. And the sponsorships certainly won’t change our approach to writing about any company — we’ll continue to report without fear or favour.

Furthermore, Delimiter is a “lean” startup, and so we won’t be getting high on the hog from sponsorship money — we’ll be reinvesting it back into the company to deliver better editorial content for readers.

With this in mind, we’re hoping that each month readers will take five minutes out of their day to check out what product a sponsor wants to tell them about. And don’t be afraid to let them know if you are either happy or annoyed with their products — more public discussion will only result in better products and services. The first series of advertisements has gone live.

In the meantime, let us know if there is anything you think we can do to improve our sponsorship package (such as where the placements should go on the site), or who you would like to see sponsoring Delimiter. We can’t guarantee that they will, but if we nag them enough, maybe they will get the picture :)


Renai LeMay
Publisher, Delimiter


  1. I’d probably bump the ad on the right hand side above the subscribe box. As I can’t see the ad without scrolling down on a 24 inch screen.

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