New Delimiter office: Renovation photos


Delimiter’s new office has been outfitted, and we’re almost ready to move in — we’re just waiting for iiNet to connect the ADSL, which should happen by Thursday. While the place is still a bit of a dump, we’ve cleaned it up and installed some cool stuff, so we thought we’d publish an “after” gallery to contrast with the “before” one we put up previously.

It’s a pretty minimalistic, Zen-like setup so far — although most of the computers aren’t in yet.

We’ve got mood lighting in the loungeroom, some extremely comfy couches and a coffee table. And we’ve covered the worst parts of the dessicated carpet with nice rugs.

At our office-warming, a friendly anime artist drew an awesome and massive picture of Ryu from Street Fighter.

And some more cool anime:

We also have Tank Cat courtesy of @nanopunk, which no office would be complete without:

We’ve started a poster wall, which will eventually become plastered from floor to ceiling with vendor posters. So far we have BlackBerry, AVG and Netgear. Vendors, please send us your cool posters for our wall, we have plenty of space!

We have a TV, courtesy of Kogan Technologies, who are lending it to us. The Xbox belongs to @renailemay. In terms of games, which guests are welcome to play, we have Gears of War, Gears of War 2 and Street Fighter 4, as well as a bunch of Xbox Live games.

Our fridge is well-stocked, with several varieties of cleansing ales and soft drinks.

And we have ample coffee and tea supplies, with four varieties of tea, three varieties of coffee, Tim-Tams and Arnotts biscuits and so on.

The telecommunications infrastructure has improved.

And all guests will be invited to write a message on our guest wall.

We have plenty of reading material.

We are still looking for other startups or individuals who would like to sub-let our back room, which is quite large. We won’t sublet to anyone though — you have to be cool!

Lastly (but not leastly), everyone who visits Delimiter’s office from now on will go home with one of our special showbags. What’s in it? That’s a secret, of course! You’ll have to visit to find out.

We want to create a space where Australia’s technology industry can just “drop in” and say hello and have morning or afternoon tea casually with us, without much of the formality that has surrounded media companies in the past. So if you want to come by, give us a buzz and we’ll probably be in.

Address: Delimiter’s office, Level 1, 175 Alison Road, Randwick, NSW 2031 (up the stairs)

Image credits: Delimiter


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