New Nikon COOLPIX line-up hits Australia


Camera manufacturer Nikon has released seven new models in its popular COOLPIX digital camera line-up in Australia, all priced at a recommended retail price of under $600.

In a statement, the company said it had introduced a new model, the P100, into its ‘Performance’ series range aimed at photography enthusiasts. The P100 features a 10.3 MegaPixel lens, 26x zoom, the ability to film at a resolution of 1080p (high definition) and with stereo sound. It also has image stabilisation features. The P100’s recommended retail price is $599.

The company also released four additions to its slimline ‘Style’ series — the S3000 (RRP $199), the S4000 (RRP $299), the S6000 (RRP $399) and the S8000 (RRP $499) — saying the cameras were available in a range of colours.

The new S-Series models (the S4000 and S6000 pictured right) all offer megapixel ratings higher than 12MP, as well as image stabilisation features, limited zooming and the ability to film as well as take pictures, generally at a resolution of 720p.

Finally, Nikon released two cameras in its ‘Life’ series range — the L110 at an RRP of $399 and the L22 at an RRP of $149. Both are 12MP or higher cameras, with the ability to film; however the L110 can zoom much further in (15x as compared with 3.6x for the L22) and has a number of other features not found on the L22.

Image credit: Nikon