1. Mr Brandis fails to recognize that just because they may have caught terrorists with these powers in place doesn’t mean that the agencies are not abusing the powers or going outside the law.

    Scott Ludlam and others are not arguing that we shouldn’t have spying agencies. They’re saying that they have gone too far and need more oversight.

  2. Intelligence agencies don’t have much intelligence.
    Brandis has got nothing between his ears, spends too much time building bookshelves and not enough time reading.

  3. Snowden is a top bloke and everyone should hold him with the highest regard.

    These leaks just show how much the establishment cares about itself and not about us.

  4. Wow… pot calling the kettle black big time, its also being a traitor selling your own countrymen out, but the AG probably won’t see things that way.

  5. He is an American traitor.

    American. Check.

    He betrayed his nation by stealing classified documents and defecting to Russia, which documents could clearly aid the enemies of the US. Traitor. Check.

    They probably have just charged him with the simple stuff for now. They’ll work out the details later.

    • He did the opposite of betray his country.
      He did betray his government, but they had already abused their own laws, betraying their citizens.

      Is the us government a traitor to its own people then according to you?

  6. Interesting response by George Brandis. By marginalising Snowden he isn’t doing a particularly good job of building the Australian public’s trust in our own security agencies.

    It wouldn’t be a problem if the government were more transparent and not asking us for trust.

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