SAP confirms Australian datacentre


blog The rumours that German software giant SAP would follow rival Oracle and cloud giants Amazon and Rackspace, not to mention IBM, and start providing software as a service-based services from an Australian datacentre have been flowing around Australia’s technology sector for quite a while now. They surfaced in the pages of the Financial Review in May this year, and gained strength as SAP’s SuccessFactors launched an Australian datacentre that same month. And now they’re reality, according to iTNews, which has the scoop this morning (we recommend you click through for the full article):

“SAP is also moving its IT infrastructure into the Equinix facility, with production services scheduled to go live by the second quarter of 2013.”

To say that this is a great move for end users is an understatement. Sure, Australian organisations have already been able to buy hosted versions of SAP services through companies such as Telstra, and of course SAP’s offshore-hosted services were already available as well. There were already dozens of different ways of buying SAP — from ‘hosted’, to ‘managed services’, to ‘in-house’ and so on.

But the fact that SAP itself is committing to the cloud model with Australian infrastructure will really kickstart the whole SAP ecosystem into adopting the new model of services, and we’re sure no small stimulus for this kind of changes has come from the fact that many of SAP’s clients are in financial services and governemnt, sectors especially sensitive about data sovereignty. Now, if only we could get Google, Microsoft and across the infrastructure line as well ;)

Image credit: amadeusm, public domain