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We’ve been hearing recently from quite a few readers that they don’t want to get an email newsletter from us with all of our stories every day, but they still want to hear from us regularly. To meet this demand, we’ve decided to create a new “Best of the Week” email newsletter which will go out once weekly on Friday mornings. It’ll contain the best stories of the week from Delimiter — about a dozen, just the really important stuff — as well as links to the most important stories we’ve seen from other sites.

We’re still going to continue to operate our normal daily newsletter as well, but the aim with this newsletter is that you can just read one email per week and have a very solid idea about the big stuff that’s happening in the Australian IT industry.

And as a special bonus, we’ve decided to give away one of Google’s excellent Nexus 7 tablets (the 8GB model) in a draw for those who sign up to the new newsletter over the next month until 1 December. To enter, all you have to do is sign up to the newsletter using the form below. Note that by signing up to one of Delimiter’s newsletters, you also agree to receive commercial messages from our sponsors from time time.

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In the first week of December we’ll draw the winner’s name out of a hat, contact them via by email to get their address, and mail them their brand-spanking new Nexus 7 (Terms and conditions here). And if you don’t like the newsletter, after November just unsubscribe — no worries! Happy reading ;)

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  1. Even though I have RSS I find the email newsletter handy from time to time when I miss stories.

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