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hey everyone,

just a quick administrative note to let you know that over the past several weeks Delimiter has launched a new daily email newsletter.

Previously, you’ve been able to subscribe to our RSS feeds by email, but this is the first email newsletter which contains all of our content in one place — in just one daily email. The new newsletter contains all of our stories every day (news, opinions, reviews and so on), as well as all the daily deals from our sister site, Delimiter Marketplace. We’re using MailChimp as our email service provider.

We’ll also eventually send the occasional offer from our sponsors through this list, when it gets a bit bigger.

To sign up, just fill out your details using the form below, and we’ll get you started! It’s easy to unsubscribe, so don’t worry that you’ll get locked in forever — and we won’t provide your details to anyone else either. We play nice ;)


Renai LeMay
Editor + Publisher, Delimiter

Image credit: Nick Bradsworth, royalty free


  1. Just out of curiosity – is all the content you produce now mirrored on ITWire now? I can save myself an email a day and keep ITWire…

  2. This is going to dent my procrastinatory visits to Delimiter something awful.

    Thanks for setting it up, Renai!

  3. I know there is only 67 of using liking you at Facebook, This is one article that should have been posted there. I would have missed it if I didnt get really really bored.

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